Creatureless Talrand shenanigans.


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  • AEtherspouts from main to side, Quicken from side to main: I like cantrips in my mainboard, and Quicken wasn't doing work in the side. 'spouts felt like a better sideboard card. I dunno. Testing it out there. Seeing if I miss it main.
  • -Brain Freeze from side, + Swan Song to side: Brain Freeze was... degrading the deck. It turned my playstyle from "Token spam with a storm backup" to "Storm with a token spam backup". I did not like that. Cheap counterspell for sideboard.
  • -Overburden, +Mystic Remora: Overburden wasn't doing enough and was often a dead draw. Card draw options seem nice? And Magic Fish is usually pretty good.
  • -Lat-Nam's Legacy, +Desertion: The Legacy was proving lackluster as a draw spell. Bringing back Desertion from the dead because I'm finding myself wanting more counterspells and Desertion seems the fairest.
  • -Island, +Talent of the Telepath: Eh, why not. Land count's at 32 now. This'll be fun.
  • -Island, +Blighted Cataract: Only card I saw in BFZ worth testing in Talrand. Lands that draw me cards if I'm desperate seem legit.

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