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Talrand, Sky Summoner (Control)

Commander / EDH Control Mono-Blue


Special thanks to Ashmed

About the Deck

I am traditionally a Blue player but in EDH, it is typically not as good as you are most always going to trade 1 for 1 and eventually you just run out. Talrand, Sky Summoner offers a unique way to handle some of these situations with the addition of blockers and attackers for playing some of my favorite spells. I enjoy this list a lot as I like interactive gameplay and playing something that I know won't always wins, but I can count on politics most times. I have found after some game play though that I can usually pull out a win because most people don't see my Commander as a threat when everyone else is doing scarier things. They are usually more afraid of the fact that I might have counter magic than anything else.

Deck Strategy

You want to open up with at least 4 lands to be able to cast your Commander on curve and if you don't at least look for 3 and a few pieces of interaction and at minimum one filter spell like Ponder or Preordain. It's exceptionally better if you have Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots for some protection. You don't really need that much interaction in the early game so you can just slowly draw into it as needed and your priority most times is countering or bouncing problematic threats that may win the game within a couple of turns. Most times you will only use your interactive spells against opponents that are trying to gun for you and this is kind of where you play the political game a bit, but sometimes that's not necessary. In general, I like this deck because of the style and spells it utilizes, but it definitely has potential. Originally, at first glance it seemed like I'd always get second place, but after playing it a few times, it has proven to be more than capable, even without my primary win con late game with Coat of Arms.


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