Talrand, Meet Lingering Souls

Standard* LordFitzy


FNM Top 4!! —July 21, 2012

I brought this to FNM yesterday and I did quite well, going 4-0-1.

Each round i went 2-1 with every first game screwing me with tons of land, it was weird. I went against:

Round 1 - G-W Humans, I out weenied him

Round 2- Grixis Control, I mana leaked all his big planeswalkers

Round 3 - Grixis..Aggro? Not sure, I was running a build of this deck with 2 Sorin, Lords of Innistrad and I used his ultimate to steal some titans and win.

Round 4- ??? We agreed to a draw.

Round 5 - Naya pod, Thalia crippled me early game but I got multiple anthems and lingering souls + Talrand brought the pain.

This is still in it's Beta stages and I could use any help I can get, Thanks!

corath says... #1

This deck looks like fun. I would make a few changes:

-2 honor of the pure-2 talrand's invocation-2 think twice

+2 snapcaster mage+2 mana leak+2 gitaxian probe

Sideboard:2x flashfreeze3x celestial purge2x mental misstep3x Divine Offering1x mana leak3x go for the throat

Assuming you are willing to get a couple snapcasters, your deck could be really good. I think having two mana leaks will help you slow your opponent. I like gitaxian probe a lot personally, and it's cheaper than think twice.

Need to sideboard the destroy enchantments, because racket bomb will instant wipe your tokens and also can wipe your enchantments.

Go for the Throat would be geat since you have all those swamp dual lands.

good luck!

I made a R/W/G token deck that you can check out if you want!


July 12, 2012 4:17 p.m.