FNM Top 4!!

I brought this to FNM yesterday and I did quite well, going 4-0-1.

Each round i went 2-1 with every first game screwing me with tons of land, it was weird.I went against:

Round 1 - G-W Humans, I out weenied him

Round 2- Grixis Control, I mana leaked all his big planeswalkers

Round 3 - Grixis..Aggro? Not sure, I was running a build of this deck with 2 Sorin, Lords of Innistrad and I used his ultimate to steal some titans and win.

Round 4- ??? We agreed to a draw.

Round 5 - Naya pod, Thalia crippled me early game but I got multiple anthems and lingering souls + Talrand brought the pain.

This is still in it's Beta stages and I could use any help I can get, Thanks!

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