Tale of Redemption: The Overlords of Metal

Casual Artifact Five Color

Vulnoth Score: 19


Sometime a little over a decade ago, a young aspiring wizard was given his first arsenal of spells. They were not powerful, or even harmful, but they were varying in color and easy to use. Predominantly they were summon spells of simple machines, and though they were far from devastating, he found them to his liking. Duel after duel he lost to his brother and mentor, but regardless of his quickly mounting defeats, he did not lose hope for the day he would summon and control his spells with real skill. Slowly, he found an affinity for the simple machines he summoned such as Arcbound Bruiser, Anodet Lurker, and Dross Golem. With each duel that passed, these Artifacts became akin to his family.

However, his brother and mentor was not to be everlasting, and when his master passed on, he left in the boy's charge his entire collection of spells that he accumulated over his years of traveling and discovery. Among them, the boy came across the fabled Artifact that he had heard unendingly great things about: Darksteel Colossus. From the day he found the Colossus and onward, he began winning duels and battles with more ease and he became confident in his abilities, venturing out into the world to see what he might bring into his dominion.

Then, during an expedition to the islands around the remnants of the Tolarian Academy, the young mage strayed too close to the seas of time rifts, and after countering an opposing spell too aggressively, the resulting blast threw him into a space wedged between a fast time and a slow time rift. The two erratic rifts tore at him, threatening to shred him in a mutual tug-of-war against one another.

Facing his mortality and seeing his quest at a tragic end, his spark ignited and, with no small amount of effort, wrenched him free of the distorted space and flung him across the Blind Eternities, into the shard of Alara known as Esper. Here, he found his Green and Red magic severely stunted, and was forced to recuperate in this foreign plane until he could do that thing again. The Vedelkan and Human Artificers scoffed at his ravings of Red and Green magic, only knowing Black, Blue, and White magic to be true. While it certainly was mind-boggling to him, he did not mind it. What he did mind, however, was that something felt wrong, and no matter what wonders of artifice he crafted he could not shake that creeping darkness. What he did not know was that his fractured mind began to silently obsess with his near-death experience, and the constant negativity subtly pushed him into indulging in usage of Black mana more frequently, eventually staining him with its subversive nature.

Once he finally could Planeswalk again, he 'walked with Black mana as his guide to Grixis. Now in a new shard, one with the chaotic Red mana now accessible while the lawful White was dismissed, the young Planeswalker found his destructive magics empowered. It was not long until he ceased using much of his skills in artifice and indulged in spells of outright annihilation. Creature, human, demon, and otherwise, he slaughtered his way through the wretched place with spells of fire and shadow until he stumbled into Unx. He summoned forth his prized creature and through great great effort, obliterated all of the undead as well as the demon commanding them, leaving no small disaster radius as a grim reminder of his might.

Many more planes he invaded, taking what he desired or destroying what he wished before departing for his next destination. He came upon a great bastion of unity and might, much to his chagrin. For months, he watched as other would-be destroyers came and went, failing repeated with the same mundane approaches. It occurred to him that perhaps if he applied his own fractured state of being to the plane, that perhaps he could tip the scales beyond favorably.

Though it took many months of constant corruption, the deranged 'walker subverted the healthy balance by either corrupting or outright replacing the native creatures with zombified mockeries. He isolated himself within a great swamp that was notorious for its leeching of the light and life, using it as a scapegoat while he worked relentlessly to put this plane through the same misfortune he suffered. The plane, though it fought against him valiantly with all of its inhabitants and concentration of 'walkers, fell to the corruption and the unaware 'walkers focused only on the zombie hordes soon fell to the unending darkness. Between satisfaction of his conquering and boredom after turning a great safe haven into a desolate waste, he 'walked back home to Dominaria, where he sought to continue his works in artifice in solitude.

With new and dark ideas swirling in his mind, the corrupted 'walker began constructing and designing countless machines and spells that would vastly improve upon those he was given. The problem, however, was that many of these creations required a heavy flow of sustenance, which he would not find in the battered lands of Benalia. His searches led him to a lush and abundant forest, guarded by an Elvish Planeswalker, who while saw the approaching corruption also saw that this young 'walker was not but a possessed soul fallen to misfortune.

Instead of fighting the being before him, he saw a damaged soul, and felt compelled to repair what he could, and offered him a deal: if he could wield Green and White magic with the same skill that he could Blue, Black, and Red, then the forest's life would be forfeit to him.

Blinded by greed, the 'walker accepted the proposition, temporarily discarding both the usage and influences of Blue, Black, and Red in favor of Green and White. All he had to do was practice with these magicks, and then he could at last realize his wicked designs.

The clever ruse worked, much to the guardian 'walker's approval. The constant use of Green and White magic and the nearly nonexistent exposure to Blue, Black, and Red magic undid much of the damage caused to his soul by his fractured mind and took away much of the hold Black mana had over him. At long last, he fulfilled the conditions of their deal, and the forest was not his for the reaping.

However, his mind changed along with his powers. With a humble refusal, the renewed 'walker conceded the forest to its guardian.

A new Planeswalker, the young man thanked this wise fellow 'walker for mentoring him and returned to his home in Benalia. It was exactly how he left it, and exactly how he swore it would never be again.

With great sweeping decisions, he scrapped all of his ideas and constructed a great fortress of metal and ingenuity. From its depths to the tops of its spires, it stood impassively and observantly, an eye of curiosity gazing upon a world etched with epic history. Within its confines, he created new and greater designs, bringing them to life with a vigor he had not known since his training days with his older brother. This time, however, he knew what brought him this joy: unity.

Then the idea came to him. What if he formed a council of Planeswalkers dedicated to maintaining balance and the expansion of knowledge and wisdom across the multiverse? What if he could grow Dominaria into the same bastion that the now-nameless plane once was? Surely there were others like him beyond the limits of this plane, and he vowed to find them.

However, his stronghold and vault would need a warden to guard it in his absence. It would have to be more than a warden, however, it would have to be a friend that he may one day share his experiences with so that it might truly appreciate the multiverse. He compiled his ideas and blueprints, and over the course of years the ambitious 'walker created a golem that could serve his needs.

The primary problem was that an inconspicuous fortress in the center of Benalia was prone to draw attention, and before long people near and far sought to claim it for their own. All of their efforts were for naught, for the lord of the stronghold boasted might beyond all of them.

But then other Planeswalkers laid siege upon him, draining his energies constantly and putting his artifact creations under pressure beyond their designs. The lord of the fortress let his defenses cave while he gathered his mind and mana for one last furious spell that would leave them incapacitated, disabled, or dead. When the inner sanctum's doors were battered down, they set their assault on the lord, who was too deep in his concentration to know of their presence.

That was when his golem shielded its master, offering its body in exchange for its master's safety. Instead of oblivion when struck by a fireball, the golem's own inadvertently created spark ignited and flung it far from home, allowing the lord to permanently silence the aggressors.

Months passed as the disheartened 'walker rebuilt his home and mourned the death of his friend, until one day his creation reappeared, accompanied by a Soratami from Kamigawa and a human mind mage currently residing on Ravnica, both curious of the idea the golem proposed.

Much explaining ensued, and by the time the two foreign 'walkers departed, the visionary had found the first two allies in his council. With a newfound excitement alight in his soul, he wished to scour the multiverse himself to both see what was out there and to help find seeds to grow Dominaria's destined greatness. The golem planeswalker Lod was happy to oblige his creator, and thus Vulnoth began his journeys anew. Perhaps one day he might perfect the library of spells once entrusted to him by his brother...

Now I 'walk the multiverse, investigating and learning everything from the wisest of sages and oldest of lands. Over my adventures, I have gained proficiency in many ways to use the five colors of mana, and expanded my arsenal beyond what I could have imagined as a boy. Despite everything I have been through, my artifice remains what I hold closest to heart and it remains the greatest weapon I can wield. Artifice is my blood, and creativity my body through which I wield my power. I will fight as I must to continue my quest into the infinity of magic, never forgetting from where I come and never losing sight of where I am to be.

From all across the planes, I have gathered the greatest Artifacts and lords of metal to form the greatest force that the multiverse has ever seen. We seek not to dominate the multiverse, but to study it and protect it. From my base of operations when I am at rest, I continually scout for new 'walkers to join my loosely associated council. Such as a a curious pair, a traveling shadow mage and life mage, for example...

Together with my council, the other Lords and Ladies of Metal, we have banded together to form The Overlords of Metal - Metalfriends

Ajani Vengeant/Ajani, Mentor of Heroes - Lord of Heavy Metal

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver - Lord of Sludge Metal

Chandra Nalaar/Chandra, the Firebrand - Lady of Speed Metal

Elspeth, Sun's Champion - Lady of Christian Metal

Garruk, Primal Hunter - Lord of Folk Metal

Jace Beleren/Jace, Memory Adept - Lord of Glam Metal

Karn Liberated - Lord of Progressive Metal

Kiora, the Crashing Wave - Lady of Experimental Metal

Liliana Vess - Lady of Death Metal

Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker - Lord of Power Metal

Sarkhan Vol/Sarkhan the Mad/Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker/Sarkhan Unbroken - Lord of Thrash Metal

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad - Lord of Cello Metal

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage - Lady of Neo-Classical Metal

Tezzeret the Seeker /Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas - Lord of Industrial Metal

Venser, the Sojourner - Lord of Symphonic Metal

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon - Lord of Avant-Garde Metal

Vraska the Unseen - Lady of Black Metal

Xenagos, the Reveler - Lord of Pagan Metal

Since you've wandered down this far, I may as well go over the deck. If you haven't noticed, the deck is more about using cards I like more than things that win. Any chump can build a Tinker deck. I will go over each card to give you as clear an idea of what I'm shooting for.

Blightsteel Colossus - Big face-stomper. After the first swing, if they haven't dealt with it they're dead. Also he has a way of making people salty. Combos with Master Transmuter

Darksteel Colossus - He's the original go-to big guy, he combos with Master Transmuter, and he's my favorite Artifact, period. <3

Deal Broker - Great at shuffling around resources, possibly putting a Darksteel Colossus back into the deck in exchange for something else. Amazing set up for Goblin Pope digging. Also combos with Master Transmuter

Etched Champion - 3-drop protection from all colors? Yes please. He saved me more times than I care to count.

Etherium-Horn Sorcerer - Artifact Minotaur Wizard. It's almost as legit as Zombie Elf Bear Druid. Need I say more? Also, combos with Master Transmuter.

Inkwell Leviathan - An unusual card that is fun, really hard to get rid of, and combos with Master Transmuter. Plus, dat art. Poor lighthouse...

Master Transmuter - Great for cheating things into play and dodging removal. If she were real, I would have wife'd her on sight. And as chance would have it...combos with Master Transmuter.

Sphinx of the Steel Akroma...err...Sphinx of the Steel Wind - It's Akroma, and I love me some Akroma. Also, she combos with Master Transmuter.

Sundering Titan - He has a vendetta against basic lands, which as chance would have it, everyone runs on! It gets out of hand when he combos with Master Transmuter too.

Contagion Clasp/Contagion Engine - Proliferate with the bonus of being inadvertent removal. Combos with Master Transmuter, especially if I have silly amounts of mana.

Lux Cannon - I REALLY wanted to use Legacy Weapon in this deck because Weatherlight nearly had me crying when I read the books, but this is the closest I'll get. :(

Mirrorworks - Combos with Master Transmuter and is makeshift mana ramp. Honestly, though, I just end my playtests when this hits the field since it kinda just makes a mess of things since TO doesn't have a token in the system for it. When you have like 6 Etched Champion tokens, 8 Artifact Land tokens, and 3 Blightsteel Colossus tokens, it gets hard to keep track. One time, I had both out and decided to combo with Master Transmuter...

Mox Opal - Normally, I drop Legendary stuff unless it's really worth only have a single copy because it goes all Dalek on flavor if you have a whole playset in your deck; it's unbelievably tacky. BUT, since I pulled this from a pack my brother bought me for Christmas, I will never let it sit in my binder. It. Will. Always. Be. Used.

Scourglass - A very intimidating card to see since it will almost never destroy any of my stuff, but sweep everyone else's field. It gets even better when I combo it with Master Transmuter during my untap step and surprise everyone.

Daretti, Scrap Savant - He's the Goblin pope. Despite being built for a scrapheap kind of deck, he does have some synergy.

Karn Liberated - Arty Shovelhead the Feels-o-mancer gives me so many feels in the books. Plus, he's my all-time favorite 'walker. Plus plus, EXILE ALL THE THINGS.

Liliana Vess - My girl. Lili's my favorite among the first 'walkers released as 'walker cards and tied with Sarky for second on the "all time favorite 'walker" list. I've gone and collected all of her different printings because of how much I love her lore. That aside, she is a hand breaker, combos hardcore with Etherium-Horn Sorcerer/creates consistency, and can mass res if I care enough.

Sarkhan Vol/Sarkhan the Mad/Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker/Sarkhan Unbroken - Sarky here is tied for being my favorite new-age 'walker with Lili. Great story, great character, great cards. I generally only use 1 Sarky at a time, and most tend to use Unbroken most, but there are plenty of times when I use Sarky's previous forms.

Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker - Everyone's favorite troll of a dragon. He kills, steals, and destroys! What's not to love?

Tezzeret the Seeker /Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas - Ignoring that Seeker Tezzie and Secret Agent Tezzie are staples for Artifacts, both are really fun because they help assemble the machine in their own ways.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon - Ugin Bolt (Ugin Lightning Bolt), color sweeper, and being a literal deck player is more than enough to use him, and my field being colorless much of the time makes his sweep insane. Plus, there's a certain sense of satisfaction when I play him alongside his nemesis, Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker.

Demonic Tutor - Though it can add a much needed Tolarian Academy or Master Transmuter (combos with Master Transmuter), Tutor is here to turn into a Planeswalker; I mean, the obvious choice will always be Bolas or Arty Shovelhead, but sometimes I do need Tezzie or Goblin Pope.

Reap and Sow - Primarily for tutoring Tolarian Academy and color expansion, but also serves as land bombing when needed or if I just have enough mana.

Tinker - Great card, even greater opportunities for puns. I've had to do a lot of TINKERing to come up with them, though...

Ancient Den/Great Furnace/Seat of the Synod/Tree of Tales/Vault of Whispers - Come on. It's Artifacts. Combos with Master Transmuter.

Glimmervoid - Super flexible mana with no drawback. Plus, it's fun to flaunt my playset in the face of the other "Artifact deck" in my group, because he only has one Void.

Tolarian Academy - This was a site of many feels in the books. Also, it's ridiculous mana ramp.

And just in case I forgot: Combos with Master Transmuter.

AND ANOTHER THING: If you actually read everything above, then you have a thousand thanks and I hope you enjoyed my work!


Like my other favorite decks (Zombies and Black), this one seldom stops evolving from form to form. Additionally, I'll admit I've had the most trouble with my Artifact deck because I've been really trying to run cards in all colors so I am not just trumpeting that I run a 5-color deck when there is literally only 1 card of a particular color. I want it to truly include all colors. So far I've done fairly well-ish. Blue obviously is heavy in the deck, White is doing alright, Red could be better, Green is hanging on, and Black is practically nonexistent.

Actually, hold the phone for a minute.

Lemme back up a bit.

I love my Artifact deck, even though I didn't even build it. It was my first deck. It is my best deck. It's become arguably my most horrifying deck (partially due to Tinker, but Sundering Titan, Blightsteel Colossus, and Master Transmuter didn't help matters). I'm okay with having a really good deck, because as it has happened before, Blightsteel takes an Unmake to the knee, Transmuter gets a Lightning Bolt to the face, etc. and other things turn up that show I obviously am not unstoppable. But I'll admit that it can get incredibly oppressive when I've got a Transmuter whistling the Andy Griffith theme while making herself and other buddies evade removal and you eventually get punted by Blightsteel after I topdeck into Dispatch/Galvanic Blast to Jenga your defenses. No matter what, I'm keeping my 4 Tinkers because I found them and I know deep down that utilizing them would make this deck's creator proud...and because there are pun opportunities, so that will just require an extent of restraint to deal with, and I'm fine with that. It's just that I'm starting to look back to an idea similar to what the deck originally was: a deck running on artifact creatures and utilizing artifacts' activated abilities, similar to an actual machine relying on its parts to function. It'll be a weird deck, but I have a feeling that when all is said and done, it will finally work in a way that doesn't make people rage because I exiled their Avacyn, Angel of Hope for 1 with no drawback. Like the current metamorphosis my Black deck is undergoing (trying to run stuff like Lord of the Pit, mang), I'm trying to make this deck a little nicer in multiplayer so when the gold leather deckbox hits the table, people don't immediately consider sitting the game out. As a Johnny-Timmy-Vorthos, I don't want to crush people's souls.

Okay, NOW we get to the stuff specific to the deck.

I like 5-color stuff. In fact, I love it. So much that my deck for my favorite tribe is 5-color. If you're going to do 5-color, you better swing for the fences with as much stuff from every color that you can, otherwise you bring great shame to your deck, your deck's family, and even their cow. That being said, I haven't done my Artifact deck justice because I have failed to use more Black, and heck, you could even understandably argue that I don't use enough Green, White, and Red...'cause I don't...yet. All that out of the way, I'm going to try my hardest to truly bring a sense of "5-colorness" to my favorite deck.

I hope this makes sense, because I think I'm starting to lose my nuts and bolts here...

I'm not entirely sure where I got the idea from or even when (it could very well have come from me reading the Magic books starting with Invasion and moving onward), but I've fallen in love with the original works of the Mirrodin block, which happens to be the cycle my Artifact deck was born from (Sunburst and Modular). While most Artifact decks anymore shun these little trinkets and relics because they're "not good compared to Master of Etherium, let alone Master Transmuter and Sphinx of the Steel Wind", I have a very special love for these little guys because they have a lot more synergy than the more commonly glorified Artifact Creatures.

To this end, I'm grabbing a handful of the little Arcbounds (who go great with Steel Overseer). They're great for a first turn, make for great Tinker fodder, and they dump their counters onto a successor. Arcbound Worker is neat because he's a solid 1-drop and will make an excellent chump blocker, plus the Modular gives him additional use once the Proliferating begins. Arcbound Stinger, while a 2-drop, has all the power of the Worker, but in the air.

I love the function of Charge Counters in the Mirrodin cycle, especially with things like Clearwater Goblet. A lot of people will say it's a terrible card, and in most situations it completely is. HOWEVER, when you throw Proliferate and Energy Chamber into a deck that plays in an easygoing multiplayer meta, the Goblet will be a waterfall of life gain.

Ion Storm mostly just looks cool. I don't know if I'll actually use it, but it would be cool to have something to do with my Red mana and the +1/+1 counters on things like my Steel Overseers.

Proteus Staff is the Wabbajack! An Artifact deck not using the Wabbajack has something wrong with it. Wouldn't it be nice to turn a Pentavite into a Sundering Titan? Or turn my best friend's Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger into a Llanowar Elves? Or an Iona, Shield of Emeria into a mere Mirran Crusader? Beyond that, I can tuck an Etched Champion away into my deck and replace him with something else as a Wrath resolves, and thus save him! With the Wabbajack, the possibilities are endless!

Sharuum the Hegemon is a cool backup against a Wrath of God, plus she has amazing synergy with Master Transmuter and even can be tucked away for later use via the Wabbajack.

As for the Suncrusher? Not practical whatsoever. The plus to that is I have a knack for making impractical cards work! We'll just see how he pans out.

So I like to wave around the title of "Five Color Artifacts" like it's my job. Admittedly, I haven't been living up to that title as much as I ought to (using Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker doesn't cut it). Thus, I want to hear about any options in my off colors that would be perceived as "excellent". I'll start with what's on my plate for right now (Galvanic Blast, Etched Monstrosity, etc), but I would also like to know about any obscure spells in any color (hopefully Green/Red) that could greatly improve my Doomsday Machine's performance.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, after a lot of thinking, I've decided that I'm going to shift into fifth gear and work as many kinks out of my first (and favorite) deck as possible. I'll be making my own edits day-by-day, but I would very much like outside opinions (if you're thinking to tell me to cut Green and Red, I will not because Esper is too boring and this was and has always been a 5-color Artifact deck). The idea is now to trim this into a crushing machine with a returning vengeance. Seriously, I'm only looking to reduce size at this point and slowly weed out the less-than-necessary stuff.


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