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Tails of the Brew




Enchantment (2)


A new deck I recently built, it's design is to start cranking out the Ravenous Rats and Drainpipe Vermin to make your opponent discard cards while you start setting up the Bogbrew Witches and Bubbling Cauldrons. The Dark Prophecy 's are used to push the deck along with the card draw and sacking the Festering Newts to the Bubbling Cauldron counteracts the loss of life, as does the Deathgreeters, Demon's Horn s, Staff of the Death Magus , and Elixir of Immortality's, which are also used to keep cycling. Sacrificing the Newts keeps your opponents creatures off the board, gains you life, forces your opponent to lose life and can also be used to swing at your opponent with to start picking away at their HP.



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