A while back I built a Taigam, Ojutai Master extra turns deck, and it did pretty well. Now that I've been playing for a while, and I'm starting to get into the cEDH scene, I want to take another look at this guy and up the ante. The name of the game is close to the original, but I've added definite win conditions this time around. The primary objective is to get Taigam on the board and cash in value spells like Capture of Jingzhou , Dig Through Time , and Time Spiral to name a few.

As for winning, the easiest way I've found is Approach of the Second Sun (not rebounding it of course.) I've also included an infinite turn loop with Archaeomancer and Ghostly Flicker . This loop ensures that I can cast Second Sun again from my hand, or that I can draw my library one card at a time and play Laboratory Maniac .

A problem I've had in the past is lack of draw power (in blue of all colors!) Extra turns are great, but I only get one draw step. I'm looking for advice from competitive players who can help me make this deck the best it can be. I always welcome constructive criticism, and urge everyone to give the deck a try. Let me know your thoughts.


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