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Syr Konrad's Surveillance (ELD standard)

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I am intrigued by the Enhanced Surveillance + Syr Konrad, the Grim combo (fill your graveyard, then activate Enhanced Surveillance's ability to have Syr Konrad, the Grim deal 1 dmg to your opponent for each creature card).

I have been (casually) play testing several versions of the deck. This incarnation, with its aggressive surveillance strategy, has my best yet win rate.

To pilot this deck successfully, I suggest playing Enhanced Surveillance (preferably two copies) at the first given opportunity, and aggressively adding creatures to the graveyard in each instance of surveiling. Never leave more than one creature on top of your library, and only when necessary to further your board. Also, don't be afraid to chump block with your non essential creatures to 1) fill your graveyard and 2) buy time to set up the combo. Ideally you'll want enough creatures in your graveyard to set off the combo as soon as Syr Konrad, the Grim enters the battlefield. Don't leave your key piece open for removal, unless you need him as a blocker.

Overall this is a fun deck with the potential for some AWESOME wins, not least of which is the alternative win con Dimir Spybug + Doom Whisperer . However, the deck still feels too sluggish to be considered for ranked (Arena) play. I'm thinking I might be better off moving further towards a surveil/control frame, but the deck does need a high concentration of creatures for the combo to work. It's a delicate balance I have yet to pinpoint completely.

Suggestions are welcome!


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