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Syr Gywn, Hero of Ashvale

Commander / EDH* RBW (Mardu)


Despite having loads of equipment, this is not a voltron deck. This is a go wide and turn side ways deck. Each creature that attacks even if it's not a knight, will draw you a card if it has equipment attached and your commander is out. Basically, the goal is to flood the board and equip each creature with "1" equipment and swing all out.


1) The commander has a high cmc

2) The deck is very commander dependent; without him on the feild we don't have an efficient draw engine and we cannot easily move equipment from one creature to another

3) very little ramp

4) high price point for a non-competitive deck; this is an optimized deck but at this price point you could build a very good combo/control deck


1) Low to the ground and fast; The deck can easily build and apply pressure

2) The commander will be underestimated

3) Most of the knights provide utility and build upon each other or advance our board

4) It doesn't rely on a combo to win; yes combos are great but there isn't a single card that's essentially to the decks success.


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