A deck made to abuse unblockable creatures so that I can act as a master thief, trying to profit at everyone's end of turn.

The deck intends to be fun although rellying on some control elements. For example, I'm trying to force my opponent's to attack each other and leave me alone. I do that by using the blue and the black Vows, Assault Suit and Dulcet Sirens.

Two other interesting cards to add to the mix, forcing creatures to attack, are Angel's Trumpet and Season of the Witch . Both might sound like odd choices (Seson more so than Trumpet), but they try to force my opponents to get into an aggressive stance. The main idea here is to pair them with Propaganda and/or Koskun Falls so that I'm sure no one will attack me. I wish most Propaganda-like cards weren't white and that we had more Avatar of Slaughter esk cards in either blue or black, although THAT would be way off-color. As a side-note, I'm considering Hissing Miasma too...

If anyone can think of cards that would help with this strategy, please shy not from voicing them. I migh be forgetting some great gems.


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