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The equipment deck I use, when all else fails sometimes you just need to superglue some swords to a blimp and ram it into people. Abuse of Sigarda's Aid being incredibly over-powered and letting you equip things for free and use unreasonably cost effective creatures and equipment like Kor Duelist and Ogre's Cleaver for enormous damage. Also if you're lucky with drawing more than 2 lands (which I am not) you can consider slotting in a few copies of Trusty Machete or finishing the playset of Bone Saw although I don't recommend that, you just use it because free surprise damage amp. Great for playing on a budget as most cards in the deck are worth less than a basic plains.




I would strongly suggest Argentum Armor and Sword of Vengeance playsets for this deck.

March 18, 2017 9:30 p.m.

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