A collection of cards I feel good about resolving.

After having made several powerful combo-oriented decks, I feel as though I'm losing touch with what makes magic an interesting game.

To me, the fun of M:tG has been all about finding new and interesting cards and then running off to make neat decks to try them out with. This deck tries to reestablish some of that spark by running a lot of unique cards (not necessarily the most powerful, mind) and seeing what i can do with the opportunities that come up in a game. Emphasis is placed on cards that interact with opponent's decks so that each new pod I play with feels like a fresh and interesting experience. Examples of such cards include praetor's grasp, bribery, and acquire.

I tried to limit including tutors for my deck, as over the course of several games I feel as though I would gravitate towards specific cards to tutor for, resulting in a repetitive experience.

Suggestions for interesting cards to run are appreciated! Bonus points for your personal favorites, overlooked gems, and just plain weird cards!


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