"The roof, the roof,
The Roof is on Fire!!
We Don't need no water
let the Mother*er Burn!
Burn MotherF
*r Burnnn!"

Looking to up my metagame in Modern. I REALLY ENJOYED PLAYING A 8 -RACK! however, it is not strong enough to battle 50% of the meta. This is a very consistent deck. I also noticed the price of the deck list is a bit cheaper than some of the others. And most of ALL!
This deck looked most fun. I found this sample deck on

If you players have found better options for side or mainboard please suggest.

The sideboard ... This is a transformative sideboard. It turns the Deck into Hard Control. I know it can be risky. So I will try it out for a while and it may change.

It does vary from match up to match up. As sideboard is ment to do. One thing is certain If I include the card I usually run all copies, example Leyline of Sanctity I always run all + 3.

Jumping into my 2nd Grand Prix Portland in Dec '18. Modern Event. I have sometime to feel good about a deck. This is my second Modern deck. Attempting to win enough for a day 2. At least that is the goal.


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Completed the evening with a moderate 2 - 3. I have a horrible habit of forgetting my mainboard in my sideboard. I did it 2 different first round matches and lost both.

First Round 1 - 2 vs. R/U Thing. First match was well played. Second match I miss targeted and lost. Third, I spent too much attention on his creatures and lost.

Second Round 0 - 2 vs. Bogles. I left my mainboard in the sideboard. Cost me the match. Second match I got mana flooded hard.

Third Round 2 - 0 vs. 12 Moon I guess; I saw Blood Sun and Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon.

Fourth Round 2 - 0 vs. U Turns. Second Match I Sideboarded Leyline and it bought the match.

Fifth Round 0 - 2 vs. Titan Shift. This match, I left my mainboard cards in the sideboard again. I lost. Second match I got locked too long on 1 mana didn't pull a Leyline opening to prevent.



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