So this is a weird one. A fun idea, a good challenge, but very, very weird.

It's a sealed challenge -- You take one of the old theme decks and build an Oathbreaker deck around it matching the colours of the deck, making only a few cuts and filling in the rest.

I started with this: "Shamanism" -- A theme deck from Morningtide -- This had Abzan colours on the box... But only TWO white cards in the deck, neither of which were creatures, so it's Golgari colours!

Here we have a Clash package along with Shaman tribal, mostly treefolk. My big instinct was to run Vraska, Golgari Queen with Momentous Fall for card advantage. Another great option is Woodland Guidance considering you get a creature back and get around the exile clause, plus it works well with Sylvan Echoes .

Frankly, this is all over the place, but the challenge was fun! Plus, it's a budget deck, all told, the deck itself having a value of around $20 and giving you a good chunk of the cards you need.


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