Mono white devotion

Here for the long haul folks.

Build up a fortress of devoted individuals, who can put up the walls to hold off your enemies for you to cast out the commanding leader in charge Reverent Hoplite . Once your forces are overwhelmingly large, take out your enemies one by one or all at once with cards like Cliffside Lookout , Dawnglare Invoker , Encampment Keeper , and Selfless Cathar .

Make your army larger with cards like.

You could also use any of these on Dwarven Priest to gain tons of life

Some time you just need more time

life preservation:

Other ways to abuse your cmdr are.

And lastly and probably the best one Ashnod's Altar . With enough devotion you could sac him several times in one turn casting him for as much as it makes sense to.

Other big beaters are.

Cards for the long haul. Cards you'll really like when you run out of gas.

Then there's always card draw. Lol sort of.


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