A beat down deck, that also overruns with tokens, and has enough control to stop anything from slowing it down. Sort of a mash-up between some Simic Good Stuff and Gruul Aggro. The synergy is amazing! Surrak Dragonclaw is a beast in any creature deck..Breaking the game with Surrak and Prophet of Kruphix , mainly by giving them both Hexproof/Shroud. This deck loves to cheat out game altering creatures very early and often to overwhelm opponents. Lots of flavor and lots of fun to play.

+1s would be great. Feel free to leave suggestions.

Just like the art on Bear's Companion.


Updates Add

Cut Spell Crumple for Shaman of the Great Hunt

Spell Crumple lost value now that tucking a commander isn't a thing, and really I'm not trying to counter that often.

Several people suggested I cut Rubblebelt Raiders instead, but honestly they've won me a good chunk of my games by just being too big too fast. And don't be offended that I deleted the comments I just like to keep it clear.

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