Surrak twin combo fun stuff


Self explanatory, higher amounts of basic Islands and Forests to avoid Blood Mooning myself out of the game, hence no basic Mountains. Pod consists of 3 and 4 colour players so it's nice to punish greedy manabases. Dryad Arbor for ramp with Green Sun's Zenith, sac for Natural Order / Orcish Lumberjack or even discard to Survival of the Fittest or sacrifice to edicts. Fetchlands allow for shuffle effects. Original duals coming at some point and seem to be important as getting for kiki is quite hard without, and fetches can quickly become dead draws with only shocklands.


Ramp buddies such as Birds of Paradise and other dorks to aid fixing and ramp.Orcish Lumberjack and Treasonous Ogre for fast mana for comboing. The actual twin combo with untappers like Pestermite as well as Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker to go infinite. Phyrexian Revoker, Vexing Shusher, Magus of the Moon and Glen Elendra Archmage for protection of the combo. Glen Elendra can also find the combo with the aid of Birthing Pod by saccing the archmage to the pod to find Zealous Conscripts, which in turn untaps the pod. Archmage persists back to the battlefield just to be sacced again to find Kiki. In the same vein Imperial Recruiter can find either half of the combo. Eternal Witness is just a neat card that should be played if in green. Yisan, the Wanderer Bard is strong enough to be his own highly competitive deck whilst only being a single colour, and here he can find a dork, then another, then an untapping creature and finally Kiki for the win. Surrak Dragonclaw himself protects the creature parts of the combo, which is all the untapping creatures and half of the cloning tech. Trample also can come in handy if Surrak needs to close the game out himself with a few points of damage by Savage Punching the opponents.


Mostly protection, ramp and draw to find combo. Rhystic Study, Mystic Remora and Sylvan Library fall into the latter section, as well as the more direct Survival of the Fittest. Carpet of Flowers and Utopia Sprawl are valuable turn one plays to speed us up, while Blood Moon and Root Maze slow down the opponents foolish enough to try to stop us from playing Splinter Twin. Carpet as an opening play followed by a dork in the postcombat main is lit.Defense of the Heart = I win. Currently play with decks with lots of creatures, such as Alesha, Who Smiles at Death and Tishana, Voice of Thunder.


Ways to find the combo pieces. Ponder and Preordain, simple enough cantrips and draw filtering. Gamble can find anything but may end up discarding it, should have played 4 colour with black for better tutors but ah well. Eldritch Evolution, Green Sun's Zenith and Natural Order turn a simple mana dork into a combo piece, usually by saccing it. Tooth and Nail can be cast off the fast mana in the deck like the aforementioned Treasonous Ogre. Of note, when entwined the creatures that are put onto the battlefield are not necessarily the ones tutored for, so it still can be cast if Kiki is in hand.Wheel of Fortune and Windfall refill the hand. Time Spiral does the same thing but for free AND rather than discarding the hand, shuffles the graveyard (oft containing a combo piece) back into the deck to be tutored for at leisure. Regrowth will put that piece into hand.


Hate and fast mana. Sol Ring because this is EDH, Mana Crypt tags along too. Fellwar Stone is the slow, but kind-hearted little brother. Thorn of Amethyst and Null Rod again act to stop opponents from doing their things. Birthing Pod can turn a dork into a combo piece similar to our musical friend Yisan.


Interaction and other fun blue things. Chain of Vapor, Winds of Rebuke, Nature's Claim, Pongify and Red Elemental Blast remove things that might otherwise be annoying such as Ghostly Prison effects. Whilst REB is limited to blue spells they are the colour responsible for counter spells barring shenanigans like Mana Tithe, however the package of cheap, efficient counterspells should stop opponents gameplans or their own counters. Swan Song, Spell Pierce, Mana Drain, Force of Will and Delay fit the bill. Delay is effectively a counter spell as the game will not last long enough for the opponent to remove 3 time counters from the suspension, and should a counterspell be delayed it will do nothing when its time is up. Worldy Tutor , Mystical Tutor, Chord of Calling, and Intuition get specific cards when needed. Intuition piles containing the card of interest as well as Regrowth and Noxious Revival mean we will be getting that card regardless of what the opponent puts in the graveyard. Brainstorm and Dig Through Time, spells to dig through the top of the library and find action. Crop Rotation reads ", sac Forest, search your library for Gaea's Cradle and put it onto the battlefield.


The highly glorious Splinter Twin combo: The namesake card or Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker to create copies of Deceiver Exarch, Bounding Krasis, Pestermite or Zealous Conscripts by targeting the ETB trigger on Kiki or the Twinned creature to untap it, allowing it to copy any creature until content.More coming..


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