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Surprisingly Synergistic Eldrazi Assault Formation

Standard Aggro Budget Eldrazi RUG (Temur) Theme/Gimmick



I've been wanting to break Assault Formation for a while now, and the release of Goldnight Castigator rekindled that desire. The deck obviously had to be at least red and green, but the high toughnesses of some of the blue Eldrazi caught my eye. I then realized that many of the red Eldrazi also had huge butts, so why not just make a Temur Eldrazi Assault Formation deck?

Our first goal: FIND Assault Formation. Full playsets each of Anticipate and Vessel of Nascency help us plow through the deck at great speed, trying to find that one card that makes the deck work so well. Shape the Sands acts as a game-ending pump spell while Assault Formation is on the field. These may be replaced with Tormenting Voice for additional Formation-finding.

The Eldrazi have a massive love for high toughnesses, which pairs brilliantly with Assault Formation. Tide Drifter essentially gives my devoid creatures +1/+1, and is itself a 5/5 beater for two mana, which is insane. Goldnight Castigator is the only non-devoid creature in the deck, because she is too good not to include. She swings for 9 in the air the turn she hits the field, so it's pretty obvious why she's in here. My wall of big butts also helps to negate Castigator's massive downside.


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