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Surprise! my 1/1's killed you.



A human/goblin token deck with my main win conditions being just completely overrunning them, Hellrider , and Cathars' Crusade. once gate crush come out i'll most likely return Burn at the Stake to this deck and a couple Arbor Elf.

Gather the Townsfolk for general token that get buffed by other cards.

Krenko's Command tokens for over running and they help Krenko, Mob Boss.

Increasing Devotion for my late game bomb who works great with all of my cards, especially with Cathars' Crusade. and is not too surprising to flash back late game.

Cathars' Crusade turns my tokens into major threats such as 30 power from Increasing Devotion or it works great with Krenko, Mob Boss.

Entreat the Angels for some serious flying pressure, and they get all of my buffs.

Hellrider simply because he is amazing, he works awesomely with tokens and is a amazing planeswalker killer.

Mayor of Avabruck   puts major pressure on control decks and can also buff my humans, while on the ''flip side'' can produce tokens for the deck.

Krenko, Mob Boss can produce tokens quick and simply becomes deadly with a Cathars' Crusade or Fervor out.

Fervor is the underdog card but simply wins me games, he makes every card of mine basically a burn spell, and i have learned that control deck who like to board wipe every turn simply cant handle this card.

Intangible Virtue for very obvious reasons

Oblivion Ring a one of seems odd, but it seems to always be in my hand when i need it and doesn't slow me down.

Garruk Relentless   can kill cards that give my deck alot of trouble, ex) Silverblade Paladin . He can also produce awesome tokens to regain a presence against control decks.


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I just tried this deck out at FNM last friday and i managed to make third out of 20 or so, it was a close game but i tied for second and was given third. Thanks for looking/commenting/or giving plus ones, keep them coming.

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