Curved out with pod in mind, but designed to surge to the finish line.

Your deck is a tool box with versatile threats that can stand in most playgroups. Play to totally dominate your opponents, or play with a lighter hand while taking care not to choose your threats lightly.

The entire deck is permanents except for Primal Surge so there are a few win conditions in place that resolve on resolution of the surge. There are several redundancies in case someone has some sort of interaction, typically in the case of spot removal. Jace, Wielder of Mysteries / Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar , Warstorm Surge , Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle / Prismatic Omen , Maze's End /any untap ability.

Because the deck is all permanents, the options for draw, ramp, tutors, and answers are all limited. I found this is actually an enjoyable part of the deck as it makes me think a bit outside the box and commit to a style which is not always the most optimal strategically. The most notable feature of the deck is its Birthing Pod curve. I tend to rotate in and out my threats for the mid to high end of the curve, so if you are looking to build a variant than do not be afraid to add your flavor to the threats list.

I have played hundreds of games with variants of this deck. Typically, my first games with a new play group I focus on rushing out the gates to a win with Primal Surge . Once the gimmick is well established, I tend to focus on winning with the tremendous value the deck establishes, leaving primal surge as a last stand situation. Feel free to test it out and build versions of your own, if you do, don't forget to leave some feedback based on your experiences!


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