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Superfreinds Devotion (5-6)

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All hail Snowmen1 again his idea spawns a deck. When i saw his idea for infinite mana combo using a mana dork that can tap for blue, Leyline of Abundance , and Freed from the Real , my wheels started turning. I used to enjoy playing Mono-Green Devotion in Modern so i started leaning the combo in that direction. I ran a really strange Esper build qith Karn, the Great Creator . In that build i used hand disruption, but i always wanted to use the toolbox planeswalker in a better suited shell. So here we are, we have a 3 card combo where we can pump a creature for a lethal attck, but if we have a blocker we can also use Karn to tutor up Walking Ballista and ping the opponent for lethal. If we have a Genesis Hydra we reveal our deck for Karn. Or we tutor up a Hydra with a Primal Command . Of course this deck is a ramp deck with worthwhile top end threats. Oath of Nissa works as a way to filter for land early or find threats late. Nykthos, Shrine of Nyx and Garruk Wildspeaker ramp us into our combo or our late game interaction with planeswalkers. So combo for the cheap win, or toolbox your way to victory, or simply ramp into powerful spells. Thanks for any looks, comments. Will hope to give this deck a test drive soon.


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