Super Cheap Golgari Casual

Casual Grimgrinner


Oct. 22, 2013

Just clearing up the comments and reorganizing the description. I've also been able to play this deck a lot against people learning the game. One of the few decks I run that people LOVE playing against.

Grimgrinner says... #1

The general concept here is to stall out with Slitherhead , Korozda Guildmage , Trestle Troll , and the like until i can get a big beater in the form of Deadbridge Goliath or big ol' Ooze from Slime Molding . I also love using card:Jarad's Orders to pick up either a Dreg Mangler or Deadbridge Goliath in my hand, and then putting Slitherhead into the graveyard for an instant +1+1. I have every single card here from fat pack and booster box pulls, so even though it has a few 1 or 2 dollar cards, this deck didn't cost me a dime. though shows you could get the whole 60 card stack, ready to play for under $30.

January 5, 2013 7:24 p.m.