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Super-Budget: Suspended Control

Modern Budget Casual Control Mono-Blue Theme/Gimmick


“Concentration is key. Without it, a mage conjures nothing but a splitting headache.” —Zur the Enchanter

For the fourth entry in my Super-Budget series, here comes a mono-blue control deck with a twist. In this instalment were are basically trying to grind out our opponent, all the while setting a countdown timer for some really big stuff.

As with any control deck, we are rockin' a bunch of counter-spells in different varieties, with some added support cards. What sets this deck apart, is the use of some potentially big creatures that overwhelm our opponent.

The counter-suite here is a mix of Spell Pierce , Syncopate , Mana Leak , Psychic Rebuttal and Rune Snag . I tried to maximise the ability to counter any spell, while retaining the ability to handle spells that target us specifically. We really don't want to be the target of either too much burn or too much discard. Besides these spells, I have included two suspended creatures for added pressure on the opponent. Especially Deep-Sea Kraken is hard for most people to handle if it resolves. Viscerid Deepwalker can do the same, but it is also a mana-sink. Ludevic's Test Subject   is another fun card, that we can slowly build up, protect with our counter-spells, and finally use to overrun our opponent. To interact with these creatures we also have a playset of Clockspinning to trick our creatures out a turn early. Nobody is going to see that coming. Finally we have some Curious Homunculus   to round out the creatures. It is just a really powerful card in the deck. Either it servers as ramp for our instants, or it serves as a threat that makes our stuff cheaper.


Curious Homunculus   -> Ramp or threat that makes our spells cheaper. Super versatile card.

Ludevic's Test Subject   -> Protection card that could potentially end the game for us.

Viscerid Deepwalker -> One-mana 2/3 with a mana-sink ability.

Deep-Sea Kraken -> Our main finisher. It provides great pressure to our opponent, not to cast too many spells.


Spell Pierce -> Essential card for the early game. Dodges targeted discard and dangerous burn or removal.

Syncopate -> Versatile card that we can hopefully use to exile your opponents stuff.

Mana Leak -> Just a great all round counter-spell in a budget deck.

Psychic Rebuttal -> You opponent is not going to see it coming, when you flip their spell back on themselves.

Rune Snag -> Another great counter-spell that gets better the more of them you use.

Support cards

Clockspinning -> Helps us get our big stuff out a bit earlier. Can also be used to remove/add counters on your opponents stuff.

Opt -> Gets us through our cards faster.

Foresee -> Gets us through our cards fasterer.

Elixir of Immortality -> Awesome ability to keep us alive a little longer in faster match-ups.


Tormod's Crypt -> Handle decks that interact with the graveyard.

Annul -> Great against decks with a lot of artifacts or enchantments.

Ceremonious Rejection -> Super way of handling some difficult Tron pieces for instance.

Damping Sphere -> High-impact card against a lot of decks like Tron, Storm or Amulet Titan.

Essence Scatter -> Add in, in case your opponent is a creature-heavy deck.

Psychic Rebuttal -> More psychic rebuttal, if you run into a deck that targets you a lot.

Monastery Siege -> Super protection against decks like Burn or Mill. Could also be used for added card-draw if needed.

Engulf the Shore -> Sort of a board-wipe for the mono blue player.

Talent of the Telepath -> A card that is going to make your opponent say: 'You can do what now???'


Delver of Secrets   -> Able to put a lot of pressure on your opponent early on.

Thing in the Ice   -> Pretty much a direct upgrade to Ludevic's Test Subject  

Snapcaster Mage -> Lets you play all your stuff once more.


Remand -> Counterspell with added card-draw.

Cryptic Command -> Probably the best counter-spell out there. Exceptionally good card.

Spell Snare -> Slight upgrade to our two-mana counter-spells.


Ghost Quarter -> Gets rid of your opponents most annoying land.

Vedalken Shackles -> Steal their best creature.

Spellskite -> Added protection against fast stuff, or maybe Bogles.

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