“Not all nightmares can be escaped by waking."—Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver

So, do want to annoy your friends with a super cheap deck they won't see coming? Then this is the deck for you.

The plan is simple, get some heroic creatures on the battlefield, and keep hitting them with buffs and auras. One of the best parts of the heroic mechanic is that it doesn't target, so while your opponent might be tempted to bring in Leyline of Sanctity, it only hits your discard spells. The deck is a creature-centred tempo deck, but with loads of interaction. We're rocking four heroic creatures with Tormented Hero, Bloodcrazed Hoplite, card:Ashoik's Adept and Agent of the Fates. I also added some Gifted Aetherborn's for added functionality. The Deathtouch and Lifelink are essential here, and remember that Vampiric Link stacks here. For backup were including some targeted discard with Wrench Mind, some removal with Defile, and a bit of both with Funeral Charm to make sure your opponent wont get an unnecessary advantage.

If you go hard in on the Tormented Hero from turn 1, with the right hand, you should definitely be able to win by turn 4 if left uncontested.

Finally, this deck works really well in Multiplayer especially, given that Tormented Hero, Agent of the Fates and Ashiok's Adept triggers for ALL opponents.


Tormented Hero -> Awesome life drain

Bloodcrazed Hoplite -> He grows quicker than you'd think. Also, should your opponent use counters, then he's is awesome.

Gifted Aetherborn -> There's just soo much value here. The lifelink in particular is great, but the Deathtouch comes in handy as well

Ashiok's Adept -> Simply put, he can quickly empty your opponent(s) hand. Great stabiliser.

Agent of the Fates -> A decent body in itself, but absolutely brutal against creature-heavy decks. Doesn't care about Hexproof or Indestructible.


Aphotic Wisps -> Fodder for your heroics, but also draws you a card. Can also be used on opponents creature in a pinch.

Virulent Swipe -> Amazing card for the deck. You get to target your heroics twice. The damage bonus is sweet as well.

Defile -> Great removal-tool for a mono-black deck.

Wrench Mind -> Gets rid of a lot of stuff.

Funeral Charm -> Versatility in a card. One of the few discard spells that can be used at instant speed. Target your opponent on their upkeep if you've already run them out of cards. Can also be used to target heroic on some of your own creatures, especially in a black matchup.

Supernatural Stamina -> Sweet combat trick that helps you keep your board-state.


Kaya's Ghostform -> Great protection for your creature, especially with all the Path to Exile in the format. Also great with your Deathtouch creatures, so that it doesn't matter as much that you block with them.

Vampiric Link -> Helps you stay alive for a little while longer. Works wonders on your opponents creatures. Also hilarious on a Eidolon of the Great Revel


Castle Locthwain -> Some much needed card-draw. Buy more of this if you can.


Divest -> Main card against artifact decks. Swap this with Wrench Mind for added efficiency.

Duress -> Just a really great card, so this finishes the playset.

Nihil Spellbomb -> The go-to graveyard-hate card for black if you're not interacting with it yourself.

Damping Sphere -> High impact card against Tron, Titan or Storm decks.

Defile -> Super targeted removal, that increases in efficiancy.

Languish -> Decent board-wipe should things get out of hand.

Dash Hopes -> Good card against control type decks, they rarely expect this. Also hilarious to use when your opponent tries to Temur Battle Rage their Death's Shadow.


As this deck is pretty disruptive for your opponent to begin with, there aren't really a lot of big upgrades that one can make. The main ones that come to mind are:

Thoughtseize -> Just a great discard spell.

Inquisition of Kozilek -> The same can be said for this card.

Collective Brutality -> Very versatile card that can get you out of some tight places.

Ashiok, Dream Render -> Very fitting new addition to the deck. Ashioks passive ability can really be a pain for a lot of modern players, and it's other ability takes care of graveyard decks pretty easily.

Liliana of the Veil -> More discard, too dangerous for your opponent to keep on the battlefield.

Field of Ruin/Ghost Quarter -> Some much needed removal of your opponents lands.

card:Tomb of Urborg -> Great with Defile and the removal lands.

Castle Locthwain -> Card-draw. Max this land before the others.


Leyline of the Void -> A beast of a card for anything that interacts with the graveyard.

Surgical Extraction / Extirpate -> As a discard deck, these cards are really some of the best against big combo decks or ones like Tron.

Sorin Markov -> Great if you have a lot of lifegain decks in your local meta.

Fatal Push -> More like 'Fatal Kick' anyway, but gets rid of annoying creatures.

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Updates Add

Removed the Demonic Vigor and the other protection aura along with the other utility lands. Also added Agent of the Fates which has proved invaluable. Streamlined the sideboard as well.


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