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A different kind of midrange deck. Very Jund-feeling. Still fleshing out the planeswalkers, playing a little bit of a budget planeswalker suite since I can’t reasonably afford three copies of both Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Liliana of the Veil. Really just need help fine-tuning the mainboard, so any suggestions are welcome!

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Grim Flayer - Card is freaking sweet! When I started playing modern, Tarmogoyf us to go to creature for Jund and Abzan control lists. A solid creature for to manna is not bad; in fact, it’s quite good! Financial reasons aside, I’m not playing it because I like grim flayer’s abilities better. The ability to manipulate the top of your library and use that manipulation to easily access delirium, making it a 4/4; this makes it so that the removal for grim flayer has to be a little more specific. And with the other disruption elements in the deck, that’s going to be harder for my opponents to do there and they would like.

Hangarback Walker - courser of kruphix has been a card that I’ve liked for a long time, and I wanted to see what it was capable of in Modern. I know a hand full of decks use it, but i’ve Never seen it used in a decks quite like this, save for the midrange deck it saw play in its standard debut, which gives me confidence for it here. A solid body with decent upside, for three mana, seems really good. It’s not vulnerable to the most common removal except path to exile, but not many things escape that anyway. I know it’s good information for my opponent to have on what’s coming in my hand, but it could be even more valuable for me to know, so that I can structure of my players accordingly. It’s very much a new card in the deck, so we’re going to be heavily testing it.

Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet - I love this card in this deck, because even if I play it and then I am able to remove one or two with my phone it’s creatures, I’ve needed to zombies and that’s already well worth the cost. Being out of range of Fatal Push and have been for toughness, it has the stats to stay on the field. If it’s allowed to stay, the Lifelink becomes really powerful and if protected, the pumpability will allow it to easily close out games. And, having that Lifelink early on in the game allows me to mitigate a lot of the damage that I’ll take from fetching and Thoughtsieze.

Tasigur, the Golden Fang - Tasigur is in here mostly because I need to use the plethora of extra cards put into my graveyard. I’m not running Snapcaster Mage,so I don’t have any use for the spells in my graveyard except for one copy of Seasons Past, which I feel I could be a really good draw at the one time that I need it. He’s a solid body and I guess given the right circumstances, his mana ability could be useful. So, I have him in as a two-of.

Thrun, the Last Troll - Godh, i’ve wanted to play with this creature for SO long and here he is! I can’t really thing of any situations where I wouldn’t want him to play, and he is a complete nightmare for control decks. Can’t wait to see how he works out!


Jace, Unraveler of Secrets and Jace, Memory Adept - both Jace here are stand-ins for Jace, the Mind Sculptor who is SUPER expensive. Notably, this deck has a nice price tag, but understand; this deck is bits and pieces collected gradually. I’m not gonna drop $400 on 4 cards!!! Should have collected them when they were $50...

Vraska the Unseen - I think this planeswalker is vastly unplayed, especially in a dedicated control/midrange deck. Built in protection that is effectively creature removal, and a minus the is a functional Maelstrom Pulse. I’m down.

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver - this walker strikes me as a high potential card. Over enough of the game, this card can exile a huge chunk of the library, and the minus can be a great value play. I’d play two if I had them, but they’re hard to find at a LGS.


Abrupt Decay - ever since this card came out, I’ve loved using it. It’s an unconditional interaction for a certain group of permanents, which if you know anything about the modern format, permanents with converted mana cost three or less are quite high. So I almost always have a good target for it. I do worry sometimes about the fact that the later the game goes, the more mana my opponent has and the bigger spells they can cast, but that’s just a problem you have to mitigate.

Fatal Push - Been a staple for black decks in modern. With the number of fetches we are running, it’s not hard to get the revolt trigger, so it actually is a pretty versatile card. I do worry that much like Abrupt Decay it may get worse as the match goes on, but that will depend more on a game by game basis.

Mana Leak - because NOPE.

Spell Pierce - Counterspells are only one mode of attack that our deck uses, so I don’t have a plethora of counterspells. But I’ve tried to diversify the counterspells I have in my main deck, so that in the various situations I can find myself in, especially in game one, I have more of a chance to have some way to interact with my opponent.


Inquisition of Kozilek - so I watched a video not too long ago by Jim Davis where he said that the idea of running discard spells and counters in the same deck is “bad deck building“. I’m not sure if I agree with him, simply because having both gives you a better angle to attack should one or the other be ineffective. I think having a diversified main board gives you a better chance to be interactive game one, and discard spells are one of the best utility pieces that black has in a control shell.

Maelstrom Pulse - the dream is to his 2 to 3 of the same troublesome permanents with one spell. But, a straight 1-for-1 isn’t bad either.

Seasons Past - I think this card has massive potential. Rebuying a bunch of my great interactive spells seems like a great opportunity; especially since I won’t be playing them again through Snapcaster Mage.

Serum Visions - draw, filter, repeat. No serious blue modern deck is caught without 3 or 4.

Thoughtseize - turn 1 unconditional “I DON’T WANT YOU TO HAVE THAT” spell. Quite useful, even for two life, and a most welcome addition. No serious modern black deck is caught without these babies.


Abrupt Decay - having the remaining two in the sideboard really helps make sure we are sured up against hyper aggressive stratagies.

Damping Sphere - the sphere of fear, at least to tron and storm players! I considered running this or a graveyard hate card, but with my threats and removal, i’m actually not that worried about graveyard strategies; if that changes and I start running into them all over the place, I will adjust accordingly.

Carnage Tyrant - another hedge against control mirrors. i have heavily considered playing Nullhide Ferox instead, given it's anti discard clause, but i'm just not quite sure yet.

Disallow - redudance is key when attempting to say "NO".

Languish - my stand-in for Damnation at the moment. it greatly dis-synergizes with all my creatures, but if i'm in a position where i need to be playing it, my creatures probably weren't getting it done anyway. sweepers are a necessary evil, i'm afraid.

Mistcutter Hydra - other control decks are, i feel, my biggest weakness. so, i want to make sure i have plenty of options. the ability to kill an opposing Jace or Liliana is crutial in a control mirror and the fact that snapcaster can't block it makes it an appealing option.

Nature's Claim - BLOOD MOON SUCKS AGAINST OUR DECK. also, affinity and lanturn control can be problematic.

Pithing Needle - another great optional card that really sticks out to me. in a deck like this, flexibility and modality are essential, and Needle is both of those things.

Thragtusk -lastly, the Tusk. value-town mascot, it is everything i'd want in a threat.


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