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Sultai Cycling Song (Pauper)

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Hello! Here is a Combo-Control deck with 2 plans :

PLAN A (Control-Combo)

Cycle creatures to the graveyard until you find 1 or 2 Songs of the Damned and a Crypt Rats or a Pestilence. Play those for heavy damage. Use Gnaw to the Bone for a LOT of life gain.

Against aggro, use a Fade Away or a first Crypt Rats or Pestilence to whip the board clean and give you time to find all your combo pieces. Don't be affraid to use a first Crypt Rats or Pestilence if that put you ahead and let you live. You will soon find one of the other 4 cards.

Against counterspell, time your combo well and bring Duress from the sideboard in game 2.

PLAN B (Midrange)

If the first plan fail, play a Midrange plan. Bring back your creatures with Pit Keeper and Death Denied, and hardcast them. Horror of the Broken Lands, Striped Riverwinder and Krosan Tusker are strong heavy-beaters. Jungle Weaver is a beast against all fliers in the format. Horror of the Broken Lands can even be pumped by cycling cards.


You should cycle on your turn if you miss the turn's land drop. That way, you can draw a land, play it, and maybe cycle a card again. Otherwise, you should cycle on your opponent's turn, as cycle is an instant effect that can't be countered. There are 24 creatures with cycling in the deck... so your chance to draw or cycle into one each turn is pretty good.

Comments and suggestions welcomed!


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Played around with the sideboard. 3 Duress , 3 Dispel and 1 island against control matchups. 2 Nausea against Elves and other 1 thoughness creature decks


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