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This should be a lot of FUN.

This deck is meant to be at least somewhat competitive while putting more of the emphasis on having a good time. The deck runs on a basic theme: Goblins out to win no matter what it takes!

Yes, in true goblin fashion, you will be chucking things at your opponents left and right, trying to avoid having to do any real fighting by playing dirty instead. Why face those terrible angels and demons, when you could throw your buddies at them instead! Vampires got you down, well shove some lackey in front of them, and then just before they are torn to shreds, fling them at something else. Yes, Krenko, Mob Boss has many methods of handling combat, all without him having to lift a finger. Anytime he has a problem, he just sees his friend the Arms Dealer.

With all this killing, Krenko's personal portrait maker, the Blood Artist, has plenty of medium to work in, helping pave the way to your victory, through the blood of others. He makes your opponent think twice about killing your own, or losing his, ha ha!

So, you have some concerns about when live goblins start becoming scarce. Well now, just because they're dead, doesn't mean they can't be of good use. Just pick up the bodies of your fallen comrades and throw them back at them pesky zombies- that'll teach them for stepping on your turf!

Of course, sometimes you need a little more assistance. Well, if you can ever get that damn dragon to wake up, he'll be right helpful. Of course, if he refuses, you could always throw him-

"Look, in the sky. It's a bird!"

"No, it's a plane!"

"No, it's the goddamn 7/7 slumbering dragon I've been ignoring! Oh my gentle Jesus!"

Yes, because even when your opponent waits before launching a final assault, you can still use that lazy ass dragon for something.

So, that is the basic premise. Using Fling, Corpse Lunge, and the Arms Dealer to keep the board open. If things get out of hand, Bonfire of the Damned cleans things up in a hurry, but I really wish I could find a near equal option, because that card is sitting t $40/pop right now, and I try to keep the costs down on these things, whenever possible (economy man, the economy :( )All Cards are Innestrad through M13 only, no M12 or Mirrodin- purposely working it that way, in preparation of the changeover coming up- have to replace my Delver.

White Weanie Tokens are a real struggle, holding up decent in mirror, standard aggro decks and light control.

Could definitely use more testing against heavy control and combos.

Appreciate feedback, as suggestions/comments are always welcome. If you can think of something helpful, or something good for a sideboard, let me know. And if you can think of anything to use besides those Bonfires, I'll really appreciate ya!

Thanks- ;)


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