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Suicidal All-Out Attack

Modern BR (Rakdos) Budget


Rakdos Kamikaze deck.

The main goal here is deal the most damage possible in the shortest time. The main combos here are:

Turn 1 Insolent Neonate , sacrifice it on the opponent's end step to discard the Lightning Skelemental and draw a card, and then at turn 2 call him from graveyard with Unearth or Thunderkin Awakener , then proceed to hit the opponent with a 6/1 trample and make him discard 2 cards

Overall, Thunderkin Awakener and Unearth will work really well with the haste/trample elementals that will hit fast and hard all the time, since i can keep calling them back from the graveyard with the cards mentioned, with the plus that Hellspark Elemental have his own one time use unearth.

Skewer the Critics is there for more damage after swinging, or to remove something dangerous. I know that Lightning Bolt is better but right now i can't afford those, but i'll replace then once i get it.

Judith, the Scourge Diva will close the game once she enters the battlefield, usually, since she will pretty much give me 2 more damage for every elemental (+1/+0 and the 1 damage when they die that may be used as removal too).

The rest of the deck is made to supplement the mentioned strategy, drawing cards with the neonate plus light up the stage to not run out of gas and some 2 power one drops to keep the pressure onto the opponent.

I can't afford expensive cards, so Vexing Devil and Goblin Guide are out of question as for now.

Any advices and tips would be awesome.


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