What starts of as a little innocent garden becomes A HUGE ANGRY ORCHARD READY TO SMASH YOUR OPPONENT ON TURN 3! Water your trees with your opponent's life total!

This is a Treefolk tribal deck that aims to get dauntless dourback on turn three to get a 5/5 trample, it also grows a lot each turn. It is mono green the Treefolk are maximized, there is a Doran version, but that is a different deck. This is a fun unique deck to play that wins games.
The main goal is to get the Dourback, but dungrove and ambassador oak also works.
The Treefolk tribe is underrated, Treefolk are good enough to not rely on changelings (metallic mimic) And the are fast enough to compete with the big tribes, like elves. This deck was inspired by
Dauntless Dourback: A pretty obvious choice, this is the best Treefolk card.

Dungrove Elder: This Treefolk is important because it has hexproof, if dourback doesn't work, swinging with a huge dungrove still gets the job done

Battlewand oak: This Treefolk gets really big really fast. Just one treefolk and one land each turns makes it a 5/7 each turn.

Treefolk Harbinger: This card is an awesome tutor, While annoying agro decks (goblin guide and other stuff) You get to search for any treefolk card, usually Dauntless dourback, but you could search for anything. This is such a versatile card, and it makes a great Turn 1 play. If you draw it later in the game, you can combo it with Leaf crowned elder and play any treefolk card for free.

Timber Protector: This card is truly awesome, other than being a treefolk lord (because it gives all treefolk +1/+1) It makes them indestructible! Nothing more needs to be said.

Lignify: This card is fun to play, its job is to annoy your opponent by getting rid of their biggest threat.

Arbor Elf: This deck needs to be fast, and while this is not a treefolk, it does its job by ramping us up 1 mana, so I can play Dauntless dourback on turn 3 or less.

Elvish Mystic: Same as arbor elf

Explore: Nice card to have if you have drawn too many lands, it ramps you one mana, and it draws a card. Just what this deck needs.

Sakura tribe elder: A nice card in this deck because it works with Bosk Bannerette (the elder is a shaman) it basically ramps us one land.

Bosk Bannerette: An awesome treefolk, it makes them all cost less which is great, this card is pretty self explanatory of why I chose it.

Leaf Crowned Elder: This card is made to cast stuff for free, you can do some treefolk harbinger gibberish, but the main idea of this treefolk is to get insane value.

Forest: I am keeping this a budget deck, so I am not running Doran and the expensive 3 color mana pool. So right now it is just forests.

Still Deciding
Doran: I am making a Doran treefolk deck, but this deck is a budget deck, so I will not do a three color mana pool

Fog: Not too important because dourback scares away attackers, maybe against a token deck this would work.

Reach of branches: Good flavor but not fast enough for modern

Metallic Mimic: Treefolk don't really need this card, and it is not worth its cost, but it could find a place in this deck.

Kalonian Twingrove: The cover of this deck, this card has good value, but it just costs too much (cmc)

Unstoppable ash: It really doesn't help, a 5/5 for 4 sounds nice, but dourback and dungrove do it better, and its ability is worthless once timber protector is out. This is a nice card, just not for this deck.

Vanquishers banner: Sounds nice, just too expensive for modern


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