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Stuffy Doll, The Blasphemous Reckoner!

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Hello people!!

This deck started life as a simple wish to build a deck around Stuffy Doll . After doing a butt load of research on cards that have a good synergy with Stuffy Doll, i created a Naya (G,R,W) deck that had the same principle as this deck but was much less aggressive. So I changed it to Boros. Everything in the deck is aimed at causing damage, preventing damage and most importantly redirecting damage.

Okay, here is a brief(ish) run down on the cards:


  • Boros Reckoner - The bread and butter of the deck, damage redirect and the option to give him first strike should the situation call for it.

  • Zada, Hedron Grinder - A recent addition to the deck. The plays you can make with this creature are HUGE. Arcbond him and as long as your life is higher than theirs or Pariah is on something it can be a game winner. Lightning Bolt him and you hit all your creatures. If Dictate of the Twin Gods is out it can cause serious damage. AND let us not forget Soulfire Grand Master if she is in play and bolt is used you can add lifegain to the mix too. Use your imagination because it syncs with all the cards really well. Only running 2 at the moment but may up that to 3.

  • Dictate of the Twin Gods - Can be a risky move if you don't have Pariah in play but it amps all the combos and means even Stuffy Doll 's ping ability will hit for 4. Lightning Bolt any redirect creature and it you can hit your opponent for 12 damage!! Huge card but can be a bit of a gamble.

  • Pariah - Awesome card. Good to get on a Doll asap, but can be applied to another redirector or even to opponent's creatures if you have no option. (on a huge creature with trample, for example) I know some players would say Pariah's Shield is a better play as it's harder to remove and that is true but it costs more and that is the only reason I'm not using it.

  • Figure of Destiny - A 1 drop that is something you can pour mana into if you have nothing else to do. You won't get him to 8/8 very often but a handy target for early game removal which means that they are using removal on a creature that isn't too important to the aim of the deck.

  • Grand Abolisher A super useful card when up against control, if you can get it out early. Usually he doesn't stay on the board for very long but again, forcing the opponent to use removal on a card that doesn't impact the focus of the deck is always a good thing and they have to do it on their turn (bonus)

  • Soulfire Grand Master - A 2 drop with lifelink that gives sorcery/instants lifelink AND you can pay to bounce the used sorcery/instant back to your hand too!? A complete no brainer!! She really doesn't stay out too long either so it's wise to play her the same turn before using an instant or sorcery, if possible just to make sure you get your lifelink from it.

  • Spitemare - Boros Reckoner's slightly inferior cousin. Costs 1 more to cast and no First Strike but it does have the damage redirect that we need so I won't complain too much.

  • Stuffy Doll - All hail Stuffy Doll!! My love for this stupid 0/1 creature is endless, it is the reason that I started working on this deck in the first place. Indestructible with damage redirection and you can poke for 1 damage at the end of every opponent's end step. Hilarious if you can attach a Pariah and they have no -1/-1 or exile effects. I LOVE THIS DOLL!!!

  • Volcano Hellion - A game winner if you have a Stuffy Doll with Pariah attached or at any point as long as your life is higher than your opponent and you can hit a damage redirect creature. If you can cast a turn 3 Boros Reckoner and play this turn 4 if your health is higher you can snatch an early victory!

  • Emerge Unscathed - protection against removal. It's rebound makes it a useful little card (2 in the sideboard as well as 2 in the main).

  • Blasphemous Act - 13 damage to each creature on the board!? I'll have some of that! I know it's 9 mana but if you get to turn 5-6 you can usually cast it for around 4 mana. A game winner if you have one or more damage redirect creatures in play throw in the lifelink options and even if you don't have lethal when you play it you can hit for 13 damage and gain 13 life minimum if you have a Soulfire Grand Master out you gain 13 life per creature you hit!!!

  • Pyroclasm - Blas Act's less impressive counterpart. I include it as it's a good board-wipe that won't kill Boros Reckoner or Spitemare and if you get to gain life from this, happy days!

  • Arcbond - A more useful card than I first realized and can under the right circumstances lead to an infinite combo resulting in infinite damage/lifegain! (see below)

  • Boros Charm - Responsible for some the infinite combos in the deck. Dealing 4 damage as a finisher or to set up a Volcano Hellion hit is good. The make ALL permanents indestructible is amazing for our combos and doublestrike can be fun if you get a Figure of Destiny pumped to an 8/8 flyer. All star card!

  • Lightning Bolt - Red mana means you play lightning bolt. 'nuff said.

  • Deflecting Palm - Adds another redirect damage option and a small defense against flyers (this deck hates flyers).


  • Clifftop Retreat - A good cheap duel land.

  • Kher Keep - If you have nothing else to do it's ability to generate tokens can be useful to speed Blasphemous Act up. Legendary, hence just the one copy.

  • Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx - With all the creatures running more than one coloured mana to cast I figured that this could do well in the deck. Only running one because of the legendaryness.

  • Mountain - A large, steep hill.

  • Plains - A large flat area of land usually covered in grass or shrubs.

  • Rugged Prairie - Helps to even out mana. For example if you are only drawing red mana then this allows you to tap for 2 white mana if you need to play a white spell.

  • Sacred Foundry - let it burn you for 2 for a turn 1 dual land and it has both mountain and plains so fetch lands can bring it into play and it means clifftop doesn't come in tapped.

  • Arid Mesa - Expensive fetch land that keeps mana consistent but at $45 a pop the deck can live without them if you want to keep the deck cheap. (that is also true for all the dual lands, but even if you are on a tight budget I recommend keeping Clifftop Retreat in the deck - they are only $4 each.)


  • Gideon Jura - A card I've recently added without play testing but I figure that all his abilities are relevant. His +2 forces creatures to attack which is a must if you want damage redirection to happen


All the cards in here are to combat the usual modern annoyances.

  • Glaring Spotlight - A must have against pesky Boggle/hexproof decks.

  • Pyroclasm - Always good to pull in a few more of these if battling agains quick token decks or even hexproof decks early game.

  • Tormod's Crypt - A solid defense against delve/dredge helps limit Snapcaster Mage and reduces the awesomeness of Tarmogoyf AND IT'S FREE TO CAST!! (Yay!)

  • Wear / Tear - It is what it is.

  • AEther Membrane - a small defence against flyers. It's triggered ability is brilliant as long as the creature you're blocking doesn't have an enter battlefield effect. If so don't block with it until you have to.


There are a lot of combos built into this deck the big ones are:

Overall I think it's a decent deck that for the cost of building has a lot of tricks up it's sleeve. It's not a deck that is going to be top 8ing but could do ok at your local store or just for fun on your kitchen table.

I would love some ideas to improve the deck and selecting/changing some cards for the sideboard.

Main drawbacks to this deck is it's weak against prolonged control/removal and it doesn't have a huge amount of answers for flyers but you can let your life total get fairly low thanks to Soulfire Grand Master & Mortal's Ardor and to be honest as long as you have two of the redirect creatures out one Blasphemous Act is usually all you need.

If you want to make it more budget you can always cut Arid Mesa, Rugged Prairie and Sacred Foundry

This is my first modern deck and first deck I've posted on here so I hope you like the concept, if you do hit +1 Upvote to feed my pathetic, never ending need for approval.

Thank you very much!

Happy redirecting!!!


Updates Add

OK, so I've had a lot of suggestions through since last update so taking those into consideration and adding one or two of my own I've changed the deck yet again. Changes are as follows:

-2x Mortal's Ardor out. 2x Emerge Unscathed in. -1x Figure of Destiny out. 1x Gideon Jura in.

Changes to sideboard are as follows:

-4x Gods Willing out. 2x Emerge Unscathed in. -1x Tormod's Crypt out. 3x AEther Membrane in.

Your thoughts on the addition of a planeswalker???

Description updated, discussion reset.

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