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New and improved! The old Stuffy-Doll Grixis is back. This time updated for Dragons Maze! Been a while since I played this in a while so suggestions definitely welcome for current meta and things to improve on.


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Finally Finished with the decklist. The sideboard was hardest about it. 2x Negate and 1x Dissipate for derdle decks. 3x Doom Blade for artifacts. Most important piece, mutagenic-growths for saving Stuffy Doll


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+2 Watery Grave main
+3 Mizzium Mortars main
+3 Devour Flesh main
+4 Steam Vents main
+2 Far / Away main
+4 Turn / Burn main
+2 Blast of Genius main
-3 Ultimate Price main
-2 Dissipate main
-3 Think Twice main
-4 Fog Bank main
-2 Tribute to Hunger main
-3 Syncopate main
-6 Island main
-1 Dreadbore main
-3 Cremate side
-2 Negate side
-3 Devour Flesh main
-2 Slaughter Games side
-3 Pillar of Flame side
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