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Struggling Intrusive Squirrels

Legacy Tribal



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The idea is to create a million squirrel tokens using the combo Intruder Alarm + Squirrel Nest . You also need either an Arbor Elf, a Kiora's Follower or a Dryad Arbor.

When Intruder Alarm is on the battlefield each time you create a squirrel token with Squirrel Nest you will untap all your creatures. At that point you can either untap the land that produces squirrels with Arbor Elf or Kiora's Follower or, even better, if Dryad Arbor is enchanted with Squirrel Nest it will untap itself (you can create as much squirrels as you like).

If you are able to cast Beck / Call before the combo kicks you can draw your entire deck. Unfortunately the squirrels do not have haste, that is where you want Akroma's Memorial

I added Epic Struggle in the side for fun.


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