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Tribal decks like goblins, merfolk, elves and (as of recently) humans have always been extremely effective and synergistic strategies to play. That said, since they're usually high calibre deck they often come with a high price tag, making them out of the budget for an average player. So, what's a player looking for something simple, effective and cheap supposed to do? There's very few decks around the $50 range that are truly that good overall, leaving many players unable to move to the next step in terms of their gameplay.

If something like the above applies to you, or if you're simply looking to throw something new together for cheap to play at FNM or in your playgroup, this deck is going to be perfect for you.

What I've built here is tribal Allies. They small, efficient and aggressive like the humans deck, however, by excluding expensive lands and limiting the color pie to an extent, I was able to create a deck that plays extremely well at about $50 dollars.

The deck is broken down into a few segments, which you'll notice in the custom categories I've provided. The first is pump creatures, which make themselves and our other Allies bigger in order to be more threatening. The second is combat creatures, which make our squad able to perform combat tricks in order to be more aggressive or evasive when challenging our opponent. The third is check creatures, which either remove or drain our opponents life or just play at tempo in order to keep our opponent in check, thereby giving us the ability to passively maintain control of the game while using the other two avenues, pump and combat, to let the deck compete in attack.

You'll notice the deck is mostly white and black, which makes it easier to run on a budget, given the fact that we don't need lands like Horizon Canopy , Cavern of Souls and Ancient Ziggurat , which are extremely expensive additions. Because of this, the deck is able to run quite steadily and quickly on the back of a less mana-intensive strategy, while still creating a big wave of Allies to beat your opponents over the head with.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Please leave some feedback or a +1 to make the deck more visible to other! I would really appreciate it!!


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