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strix is a d**k (Pauper EDH)

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Baleful Strix is a pretty weak card, but is cheap on mana, and when partnered with enchantments like Helm of the Ghastlord, Sadistic Glee, Eternal Thirst, and if you can, throw on Viridian Longbow. Getting all of these cards on your commander will be nearly impossible, so don't rely on this method. This is just best case scenario. If you are having trouble getting Viridian Longbow out, use Trinket Mage to speed things up.

Win Condition:

To beat your opponent or opponents, what you will want to do early game is play your defenders. Try to get Corpse Blockade, Drift of Phantasms, and Mnemonic Wall out early game to protect yourself from ground troops and flyers. Obviously pulling these three cards can be hard so I added Slaughter Drone for an easy way to kill off a creature or make people think twice before attacking. Another good card to get out would be Gravity Negator. This card will allow you to make another creature you have gain flying, which flyers have proven useful especially in Pauper. I have also added in four different creatures that all have the ability to regenerate for a cheap amount of mana. All high cost mana creatures leave for late game. One card to definitely wait to use is Gray Merchant of Asphodel. This card can change a game to your favor in seconds. If you become overwhelmed with creatures by your opponent(s), play either Crypt Rats or Pestilence. Both cards will affect you as well but will clear the board of almost all creatures if you have at least 6-7 swamps out. If you are having trouble getting either of these cards out, then use Dimir House Guard to get Pestilence out.

Towards mid game, if all goes well, you should have or start trying to get Thought Vessel out because you are going to want to start drawing cards whenever you can. This is why getting both Helm of the Ghastlord and Viridian Longbow on your commander is so important. This will alow you to swing one at your opponent for easy card draw and make them discard a card as well. If you are playing against a burn deck then try to get either Sadistic Glee or Eternal Thirst on your commander as well for an easy way to buff your creature.

By late game you should have used your board wipe cards to clear out your opponents, now all that is left to do is kill of your opponent(s). This deck isn't aiming for a one shot kill, you will have to kill off your opponent slowly, by playing strategically throughout the match.


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