One of my tribal decks focusing on Rats. The idea is to overrun your opponent with as many Pack Rat and Relentless Rats as you can. Beseech the Queen and Infernal Tutor help you find the Rats and whatever else you need and Thrumming Stone gets more of them on the field. You can bring back your Rats sent to the graveyard through combat or by your opponent's removal spells by Elixir of Immortality (sending them to your deck) or Cauldron of Souls which gives them Persist (if I'm correct, when they come back with a -1/-1 counter it will not kill the Rats because their effects pump each other up to more than 1/1). You can also sacrifice your Rats with Plunge into Darkness to gain some life or use it as another tutor. Bad Moon and Door of Destinies give additional pumps to your Rats.


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