This is the start of a Spellslinger/Storm deck. One of my friends in my playgroup challenged me to build outside of my comfort zone and this is the result. Focusing primarily on Instant and Sorceries rather than creatures is a challenge in and of itself, especially considering I'm primarily an Aggro creature beatdown player.

The reason the deck is called Plink is that it's an onomatopoeia primarily used in comics when glass or metal balls hit the floor or bounce off something. The reasoning for this is because that, like in the artwork, I imagine someone flicking a tiny bomb or grenade on to the floor that then spontaneously explodes into a myriad of shrapnel and smaller explosions.

Playing With Storm

I designed this deck around the Storm mechanic, the ability to be able to cast, or react to, a lot of spells in a single turn. This incorporates the use of cards such as Turnabout , Snap , Rewind , etc., that allow you to untap lands or mana generators while casting a spell at the same time. Doing so enables you to cast additional spells that turn. By casting and untapping you add to your Storm Count. The reason you want to be able to add to your Storm Count is because of the finishers Ignite Memories , Sentinel Tower , and Mind's Desire . The best way to get the highest storm count is by casting from your graveyard. The two key pieces to making this happen are Past in Falmes and Mizzix's Mastery which grant your entire graveyard Flashback.

So ideally the best way to play this is by not hesitating to discard spells you want to use later. Storming off is one of the best win-cons in this deck. There is also another win-con...

Infinite Combos

Another viable strategy to winning with this deck is simply by going Infinite. The most helpful Infinite combo is going to be Reitierate + Desperate Ritual + Lightning Bolt. All these can be fetched (and highly encourage fetching them this way) with Firemind's Foresight , which allows you to tutor all three pieces of the combo. The combo is achieved with having at least 4 or 5 Experience Counters and casting Desperate Ritual to generate . While holding priority cast Reiterate with Buyback using the generated red mana. This will stick you in an infinite cycle of generating Red Mana. You then dump this mana into Lighting Bolt and re-casting Reiterate until you have used up all the mana you claimed. Simple as that.

Other combos include infinite mana of any colour you can produce by casting Reiterate + Turnabout as well as Reality Spasm + Reiterate . Once I discover other helpful tips with this deck I will be sure to record them. If you find anything I overlooked, please comment down below to let me know!

Happy Storming!!

Game-Winning Combos

Ignite Memories + Mind's Desire + Mizzix's Mastery

It's not so much a combo as it was one of my favourite moments in the history of my games. What happened was that I cast Mizzix's Mastery for its overload and exiled 9 cards from graveyard stacking them so that Mind's Desire was the last spell cast generating a storm count of 9. I then exiled 9 cards from the top of my library, however, I was only able to cast 6 or 7 of them. I then cast Ignite Memories from my hand and killed my two opponents with it dealing about 32 to them from Igniting 8 of the cards from their hands.

Past in Flames + Sentinel Tower Storm count of 15, meaning: 120 damage dealt between 3 opponents. This doesn't include the damage dealt with Ignite Memories which I cast at the end.


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