Built around the Surveil mechanic, this deck aims to selectively place threats into the graveyard before swinging with Lazav and transforming into a lethal threat mid-combat. The creatures fall into three main categories: evasive creatures like Storm Crow or Slither Blade , protection for Lazav like Erebos, God of the Dead , and payloads for the kill like Phyrexian Dreadnought , Phage the Untouchable , and Vector Asp . The deck is tons of fun to play with multiple lines of play available at any given time.

The main budget concessions are in the land base. This deck can easily do without Polluted Delta and Sunken Ruins. I would be cautious about too many EtB-tapped lands however because you do generally want to cast Lazav fairly early. Cyclonic Rift is good, but not necessary. Phyrexian Dreadnought is hard to do without, but its price should continue to drop a little bit before it evens out.

Thus far, my record for the most times casting Disinformation Campaign in a single game is five.


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