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Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. As you walk into the woods, you hear loud footsteps from behind you, made ever stronger by the earth cracking under your feet. You look around, and see faces dash back into the woods. Branchwalkers. You should have known. These pranksters love dashing out of sight, and making you feel like you're being watched. However, they can't make those stomping sounds you heard behind you. You take a closer look at a tree, pondering whether to cut it down and scare off those branchwalkers, you notice that it's not a tree at all, but a leg. The leg of the biggest dinosaur ever, Ghalta, Primal Hunger. You start running. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a mono-green stompy deck, designed to get Ghalta and Rhonas out and active as soon as possible. Channeler Initiate is very useful in helping to cast Ghalta, essentially tapping for two to cast her. Polyraptor is another high end, and my meta runs Harnessed Lightning, Magma Spray, and Abrade, soooo.


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