I swear these folks gotta all be on steroids...

The goal is to cast humans to put counters on other humans to make your humans big so they can brawl.

Playtest this, it's fun!

Turn 4 Win

T1: Plains, Champion of the Parish

T2: Land, Thalia's Lieutenant, Champion is 3/3, swing for 3

T3: Land, Abzan Falconer, Champion is 4/4, Lieutenant is 2/2, both flying. Swing for 6 in the air, opponent down to 11.

T4: Plains, Thalia's Lieutenant. Champion is 6/6, first Lieutenant is 3/3, Falconer is 3/4. All flying. Brave the Elements to alpha strike for GG or Path to Exile to clear a blocker. Heck you got mana up for both even!

Evasion via flying comes from Abzan Falconer, lifelink from Abzan Battle Priest . The outlast likely won't be used much but the synergistic aspect these counter-lords provide is sufficient.

Martyr of Sands and Serra Ascendant can gain big chunks of life to get you to the midgame if need be. Most people recognize this pair as the core of many Soul Sisters decks. Another Sisters staple, Ranger of Eos, is good for fetching this pair.

Champion of the Parish and Thalia's Lieutenant get bigger as you cast creatures, and with such a high creature density and low overall curve this is an easy task.

Silverblade Paladin can let your juiced up weenies deal massive damage, especially when unblocked.

Knight of the White Orchid is great with first strike to fight Goyfs, etc. as well as bringing you to land parity on the draw.

Honor of the Pure lets your guys trade up early and helps to get the win by further pumping the team. Swap for Always Watching against creature-based aggro decks like Zoo.

Lots of good synergies, and it doesn't rely too heavily on building up a single guy as the whole team can be threats if left unchecked.

Path to Exile provides the standard white-weenie removal.

Brave the Elements can save the team or allow for alpha strikes. Hopefully we've bulked them up enough to survive red sweepers.

Cavern of Souls kills countermagic, and Mutavault is another good "human" target for counters that keeps them even when asleep.

Lowered the amount of a few non-body builders of the bunch in lieu of a few robotic body builders. Metallic Mimic is right on track with our strategy. Play before Thalia's Lieutenant so it gets a counter when the Leftenant makes his way out of the gym. You know, I think he might be the distributor of the anabolic steroids and other performance enhancers this team uses.

Any input to make the deck more competitive, and +1 if you think the deck looks interesting or fun!

Keep reading for more detail (sorry I haven't figured out tabs yet)


Nut Draws:

Serra Ascendant, Martyr of Sands , Silverblade Paladin , Path to Exile, Brave the Elements, Cavern of Souls, Plains.

T1: Cavern, Ascendant

T2: hopefully don't draw a land, Martyr, sac and reveal hand, gain 12 life, swing with 6/6 flying lifelink, gain 6 life deal 6 damage, life total at 38. Don't worry about blocking or burn...

T3: hopefully draw a land (lol), play land, Paladin soulbound to Ascendant, swing with 6/6 flying lifelink double strike, deal 12 damage gain 12 life, life total at 50. There's is 2.

T4: Brave the Elements to alpha-strike, Path any white creatures that are potential blockers.

I have had turn 4 wins even without this sequence...

Alternative versions of this deck have been popping up and look to be similarly fun. G/W Allies is very similar conceptually and also has access to Hardened Scales, and there's another mono-W version with less of the Soul Sisters influence using the Soldier subtype and tokens.

Try the deck out to mix up the scene at your local gaming store!

More to come...


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Thanks everyone who checked this deck out and helped in break the Top 25!

Let me know if you play or have played against something similar and how it fared!


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