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This is my first attempt at a control-ish deck. Usually in EDH I go head to head with Aggression, but I wanted to try something different. The strategy of this deck is to make your instants, sorceries, and creatures dirt cheap, cast out your commander, and try to mill your own deck as much as possible. There are quite a few damage dealers and counters to keep your opponents from getting too brave, as well well as cards to keep them from attacking unless they pay mana.

The idea so far is to bust out the Commander as soon as humanly possible, and begin a process of drawing several several cards, as well as countering any attempts to destroy the hearty Dragon (He's quite alot of mana, so, there's quite a few cards to discount him, as well as the intended strategy of not having him attack at all, unless he can't be block due to flying). There's alot of cards that will let you shove your hand into your library and draw 7 or that many, as well as a couple to increase the amount of cards you draw when you draw cards, to maximize damage. It's not competitive, but it's definitely a new tactic.

This deck is gonna need some suggestions, as said I'm new to playing Control, so there's probably alot of wonderful cards I missed in assembling this deck online.

I would also like to keep it vaguely budget, so I can actually afford it, lol. Also Me and my group have an agreement not to use infinite combos, for future reference

SO. So far I think I've gotten plenty of spell counters and card draws in this deck. I'm not sure if I need more mana gain or more things to keep my commander alive (I'm hoping the counters will do nicely since I'll be drawing alot.)

If you do have any suggestions, please run them by me and recommend what I could drop in favor of them, so I have a good idea of how to run this deck!


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