Straight forward Steal Mill.

Lazav, Dimir Mastermind is a stand alone commander who transforms into your enemies toughest dead guys. Just don't mill too heavy before you get him out so that he can take advantage of all the creatures hitting your opponents graveyard.

Vedalken Mastermind

  1. There to move your stealing enchants off weaker creatures to bigger creatures.

  2. Can pop your guys back into your hand in response to negative effects (including himself).

  3. Can be used to pop Mesmeric Orb back into your hand so that only your opponent suffers its effects.

  4. Can be used to recast your Shapeshifters and Sower of Temptation with new target options.

  5. Can pop lands back in your hand to recast for the Hedron Crab Landfall trigger, land scry triggers, land life gain triggers, and Bojuka Bogs "exile a graveyard trigger".

  6. Can pop planeswalkers back into your hand to recast with full loyalty counters.

The Tutors

  1. Help you steal

  2. Help you mill

  3. Retrieve a board wipe option


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