Standard - Naya Dinosaurs Any advice or suggestions would be of great help. Also, if you liked this deck a +1 is always appreciated. Thanks.

Drover of the Mighty - Good mana dork which gets bigger with a dino on the battlefield
Otepec Huntmaster - Good mana dork for additional ramp

Current Dino Line Up:
Regisaur Alpha - Grants haste and produces a great blocker, 3/3 dino with trample
Ripjaw Raptor - Card draw and discourages opponents from attacking
Carnage Tyrant - Good for control match up and can be a turn 4 drop with 2 mana dorks in play
Kinjalli's Sunwing - A flier who slows down our opponent

Huatli, Warrior Poet - Grants life or a blocker, 3/3 dino with trample. Using her ultimate the turn she comes into play as an end games to stop 3 blockers
Samut, the Tested - Triggers enrage triggers and tutors for 2 dinos, usually 2 Regisaur Alpha

Commune with Dinosaurs - Good turn 1 and good top deck when you're empty handed. This card hits most of what we want, and doesn't pitch to graveyard
Abrade, Ixalan's Binding, Savage Stomp, Cast Out- Mainboard removal
Blossoming Defense - Additional removal and good for combat tricks

======= SIDE =======
Ashes of the Abhorrent - Stops graveyard recursion
Authority of the Consuls - Small disrupt of your opponents board
Heroic Intervention - Creature protection
Deathgorge Scavenger - Relevant with Embalm, Zombies, and God-Pharaohs decks with a small lifegain trigger
Forsake the Worldly - Extra removal
Fumigate - Extra removal
Prowling Serpopard - Good for control match up
Settle the Wreckage - Extra removal

======= TESTING =======
Gishath, Sun's Avatar - Good win con and tutor for Samut, the Tested
Rhonas the Indomitable - Great low cost creature and is easily triggered in this deck


Updates Add

So, I finally gave into peer pressure and removed the Bellowing Aegisaur, and Raptor Hatchling. I loved them but in the end it was better to add additional removal.

I was playing them for the following reasons:
Bellowing Aegisaur - Enrage trigger makes all my creatures bigger
Raptor Hatchling - Creates a 3/3 dino with trample and can have recursion when pumped with Bellowing Aegisaur and hit by Samut, the Tested

But they are no more. : (

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