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Hopefully a competitive standard deck. It's the first deck I've made in about 15 years. Any advice would be great.

Death blow raider: so I have something to play on my second turn, regen is a bonus.

Ragemonger: speeds things up a bit, especially the war caller. Makes 22 land more manageable.

Rageblood shaman: good buff, devotion.

Boros: it's boros, devotion.

Kragma warcaller: good buffs, reasonable with rage monger on the board.

Fanatic of mogis: could be a game winner with all the red devotion, especially from boros.

Mogis: should have plenty of devotion, the sacrifice or damage is nice.

Spells: some creature removal and direct damage. The magma jet is the only definite, the scry is big considering I'm only running 22 land.

Sideboard: May need some work. The duress and slaughter games are to deal with potential board wipes. Considering I haven't play tested it....


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