I've been messing around with Jund (B/R/G) and have been looking into some different strategies with it. I've tried control on Cockatrice, it works well, but is EXTREMELY expensive and now I'm trying a aggro/burn strategy using more inexpensive cards and cards that I own in real life. My eyes have been resting on a particular creature, Desecration Demon, and I think I found a home for him.

Now, I don't own all the cards in real life (most of them, mainly don't own all the lands) but I know how they will affect the deck due to proxies and Cockatrice.

The strategy is very black, forcing my opponent to make decisions that are typically a win-win situation for me while giving me control. It is also very red, focusing on direct damage and LOTS OF IT while trying to maintain field presence. It is also very green, focusing on acceleration and sustain.

Mind you, that I don't some cards that I would like to put in here (Rakdos's Return, Bonfire of the Damned, etc.) and as those suggestions are great, they are out of my reach at the moment.


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