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Standard Dredge [ELD Update]

Standard* Combo Dredge Jank Mill Mono-Blue UB (Dimir)



Standard Dredge

Well, none of the cards actually have the keyword "Dredge" but it functions like dredge and I don't want to call this deck "Standard Drowned Secrets Combo" because that sounds lame.

Do you like decks that are pure jank but can pull off some crazy wins out of nowhere? Do you like using your graveyard in a format that Leyline of the Void got printed in yet nobody plays it? Then this might be the deck for you!

Standard Dredge is a combo deck based around milling yourself and getting value off of it. I play this deck to see the look on my opponent's face when I go " Drowned Secrets , Go".

Each card in this deck serves a specific purpose towards making this deck actually work:


Discovery / Dispersal - Chosen over Chart a Course , this card helps me filter my draws and it throws stuff to the graveyard. 99% of the time it will be Discovery over Dispersal, but Dispersal has won me a couple games.

Scheming Symmetry - Now, many people are wondering why anybody would play this card in Standard, but here's why: Drowned Secrets on turn 2, this on turn 3, search for a card that you need, cast a 2-mana blue spell and mill what they grabbed with the Secrets trigger. I have been able to fetch any card without letting them keep there's, and it's been quite fun to see what they get.

Tamiyo, Collector of Tales - The main reason for adding Green in the deck. Her static shuts off any Thought Erasure s and Plaguecrafter s, but that's only the flavor part of her. Now we only run 2 Jaces becuse you would much rather play this as a 4-drop walker, and can grab Jace from the grave if needed. Her +1 not only tries to find what you need, it also throws cards directly from the library to the grave, triggering our Dredge cards. Her -3 can grab pretty much any card in our deck, assuming that we have milled more than half of it by turn 5 or 6.

Thought Erasure - This pesky Thoughtseize in standard does double duty in our deck. It's blue so it triggers Drowned Secrets , and it surveils to throw dredge cards to the grave. mainly, it lets us play around our opponent's hand and pick off any problematic threats.


Drowned Secrets - The core of the deck. Dropping it turn 2 is the #1 priority to turning it into a dredge engine.

Ashiok, Dream Render - Great card to play the turn after Drowned Secrets drops. Target yourself to mill 4 and as a bonus it gives us main deck graveyard hate against Command the Dreadhorde , Arclight Phoenix , and whatever other graveyard shenanigans are in Standard.

Underrealm Lich - This card comes down as a 4/3 with the known Adanto Vanguard ability, and helps us filter our draws. It makes sure we never draw our Dredge cards, and also throws them to the grave to maximize their value.


Creeping Chill - A free Lightning Helix sounds pretty good to me! Gains me life against aggressive decks and gets in for damage that the creatures can't do.

Jace, Wielder of Mysteries - Once he was spoiled, I knew this deck had gained a lot more power. Now I can turbo mill myself without having to worry about running out of cards, and we have backup ways to get him back from the grave if he gets milled or is killed. By itself, it Thought Scour s me over and over again, and the ult is usually enough to mill me for the win.

Narcomoeba - A free 1/1 flying that can pick off pesky walkers or chump block to keep ours alive.


Beacon Bolt - Double Murder that can still be cast even when milled! There are so many creatures in the format that can ruin our day, but Beacon Bolt kills them all!

Enter the God-Eternals - Gains us life, kills something, creates a big body, and mills, all for the low-ish cost of 5 mana. It's also blue to trigger Drowned Secrets !

Well that's it for the deck! If you have any suggestions, please comment below and they will be taken into account and through testing on MTGA.

Disclaimer: This deck is not to be taken to Magic Fests to compete for the trophy. This deck will not 4-0 your local FNMs every night like many tier decks. But, it is very fun and definitely will catch your opponents by surprise!


Updates Add

After playing this deck for a while, I have removed the Arclight Phoenix plan, and with it the cheap draw spells that helped enable it. The earliest I ever got them out (2 or 3 if lucky) was turn 5, from an Opt and 2 2-mana draw spells, and that wasn't good enough. By clearing out the Phoenix plan, it made room for all of the other spells I wanted to try out. I added in Green mainly because Tamiyo is an absolute beast in this kind of deck, and can fetch Jace back from the grave if needed, and now I can go down to a solid 2 Jaces. I also added Thought Erasure for a blue catch-all "removal" spell that can also throw dredge cards to the grave if needed, and Enter the God-Eternals for the sincere life gain and removal and blocker that i desperately needed. More description will be below the deck. Be sure to upvote!


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