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Let it go Timmy, it's Countertown (1st Place FNM)

Standard* Budget Competitive Control W/U (Azorius)


Soooooo description. This is U/W budget control deck i had been thinking on for a while. Using a mix of control and spells that work off casting non-creature. Not a ton of time to type a more comprehensive description so I will do so later.


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So I took my Control deck to FNM. I placed first.

Round 1: R/G Aggro 0-2

First game I lost because he swung in too fast for me to respond and stabilize the board. Second game I sided in Displacement Wave and a extra Planar Outburst but got stuck on 3 mana and lost.

Round 2: R/U Thopter 2-0

First game I started off well but couldn't get a planar til late game. Managed to Dig it and wipe the board while having decent land creatures and a well boosted Myth Realized. Second game I sided in Displacement Wave and bounced his thopters mid game. Got Narset out and board wiped then swung in for 18.

Round 3: B/R Devoid Burn 2-0

Both games i took damage till i stabilized turn fiveish then just controlled the board state from there on out. No real danger since most of my creatures had high power thanks to Noyan.

Round 4: R/W/G Ally 2-0

Was worried about this one because Allies can be fast and like the first round catch me off guard. First game went well, came off fast enough with some essential early game counters. Second started a bit more dicey but some spot removal kept me alive till i had enough land to control the board from then on out.

Round 5: B/U/W Control 2-0

I easily out controlled him. He didn't have near enough control to keep up with me. Dominated easily both games.

Round 6: B/G Aristocrats 2-0

Game 1 went well. Countered essential creatures that gained and lost life along with creature returns like rally. Used simple removal on annoying creatures like Nantuko Husk and Warden of the First Tree. Game two i didn't side anything in and played normal. Went easier since i knew what to expect.

Round 7 B/U Hand Disruption 2-0

This one i was worried about due to early hand disruption and creatures that were cheap and brutal Reality Smasher. Game 1 was rough due to a poor mana draw. I drew into some eventually and his few hand disruption cards didn't hurt too much. We both stalled mid-late game but i drew into a dig and came around stalling him permanently and winning with myth and noyan. Game 2 I got a solid draw and dominated from turn 3 on. By turn 7 it was over and he scooped.

Final Results: First Place going 12-2

The deck worked better than i expected save for the first round and Myth, Noyan, and Outburst just made the mid game brutal and game changing. Usually once Planar dropped it was over and there was no way they could stop my deck from winning within the next 2 to 3 turns.

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