This is my version of the RG Dinosaur Stompy deck! It's all about ramping early game and getting the bigger dinosaurs down early so we can rampage all over our opponent.



Drover of the Mighty isn't a dinosaur, but he does help with ramp. Originally I didn't have this human in the deck, but I felt as if he served enough of a purpose to add at least 3 of them. We want to ramp after all!

Ranging Raptors is also here for ramp. It's Enrage ability is quite useful as most opponents won't want to block it when it attacks and won't want to attack when it sits back. 2 power and 3 toughness means that it can block a surprising amount of creatures while also killing them with its 2 power. Plus, it takes a revolted Fatal Push or a 4-mana Vraska's Contempt to remove it without taking damage. I don't see Ranging Raptors in many dinosaur decks and maybe it's because people think it's bad, but honestly I really enjoy it.

Thrashing Brontodon is here as a 2-of because for 3 mana you can't really beat a Naturalize on a relevant 3/4 creature. It takes a revolted Fatal Push or a Vraska's Contempt to deal with it or two burn spells as neither a single Shock, Lightning Strike, Magma Spray, or Abrade can kill it unless it's already taken damage from post-combat. It evens survives Sweltering Suns which we run as a 3-of for our own removal!

Ripjaw Raptor What else needs to be said about this creature? Seriously. It's just freaking good. 4/5 body with a great Enrage ability? Of course it's a 4-of. And, it's only 4 mana!

Regisaur Alpha is also an easy choice for the deck. It makes a 7/7 spread across two bodies, the 3/3 of it having haste and trample AND it gives all other dinosaurs haste. It's just great!

Carnage Tyrant It may seem a bit excessive having 4 of them in the deck, but we have a lot of ramp you'll almost always be casting it before turn 6, provided you have it in hand. It can't be countered, so it doesn't care about control. It has hexproof so it's really hard to deal with. It's a 7/6 with trample which means it's getting through or even if it gets blocked, it's killing something!

Ghalta, Primal Hunger is the biggest mother in the deck. She (or he) is a 12/12 with trample that is fairly easy to drop on turns 5-7. It's just really hard to deal with this creature until the opponent has a Vraska's Contempt or Cast Out in hand with the mana up to cast it and if you already have Regisaur Alpha out, then it has haste and can mow down the opponent the turn you play it. She's an excellent addition to dinosaurs!


Thunderherd Migration is this deck's Rampant Growth. You'll almost always be able to cast it turn two and if you have this and and Drover in hand, I'd recommend playing this over Drover if you have a dinosaur in hand, too. Drover can be killed, halting your ramp; Thunderherd Migration can't be killed.

Commune with Dinosaurs is great for digging up land or digging up dinosaurs (paleontology pun) on turn one. It can turn your Thunderherd Migration into a turn two spell. It's also great late-game for finding Ghalta or Carnage Tyrant. It's useful anytime.

Savage Stomp is a great 1-mana spell that will pump up your dinosaurs and then remove one of your opponent's creatures. It works especially well with Ranging Raptors and Ripjaw Raptor! I know it's technically a 3-mana spell, but it only costs 3 mana on Drover and you're more than likely not using Savage Stomp on him.

Sweltering Suns is a fantastic piece of removal, especially since a lot of creatures in the current meta have 3 toughness or less. Sure, it kills Drover and Ranging Raptors, but at least with Ranging Raptors you get to search for a land. All of our other creatures survive this removal! Plus, it has Cycling, so if we don't need it we can just toss it and get a new card.


Rootbound Crag is self explanatory. We want both green and red mana. It provides both.

Sheltered Thicket Same as Rootbound Crag, but it has Cycling. We only have two because it enters tapped.

Hashep Oasis adds extra green to our land base and acts as a pump spell when we need that extra oomph.

Field of Ruin is here for those decks that run the legendary lands.


Sweltering Suns is here in case we need that fourth boardwiping spell against tiny, go wide decks.

Abrade is here rather than the other two Thrashing Brontodon, because it not only kills artifacts which is great against GPG decks, but it also kills creatures at instant speed.

Heroic Intervention is a 4-of because I realize this deck is incredibly week to sweepers. Fumigate and Bontu's Last Reckoning just wipe up clean. Heroic Intervention prevents that and at 2 mana, it deserves to be a full playset.

Prowling Serpopard isn't a dinosaur, but it's great against control. It makes it so that all of our creatures can't be countered. It's also a 4/3, which is a surprisingly huge creature for 3 mana.

Deathgorge Scavenger is here for GPG decks and any deck that runs The Scarab God. It also works against aggro since gaining 2 life when attacking can be beneficial.

Verdant Sun's Avatar is here strictly for aggro. Hazo-Red is a real deck and I've seen some RW aggro as well. Verdant Sun's Avatar may cost 7 mana, but with our ramp it won't be too difficult to get it down sooner than that. It instantly gains us 5 life and any creature we play after it gains us life, too. Being a 5/5, it's rather hard for mono red to deal with it.


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