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Hello fellow planeswalkers,

This is a non-combo Sram list focusing on a consistent card draw engine in the form of the mighty dwarf himself together with his best friends: puresteel paladin, kor spirit dancer and mesa enchantress. They are fueled by equipments and auras that often provide additional card draw on their own.

From there, the main plan is just going for the voltron kill with an hopefully evasive and massive Sram. If that option is not available, we go for the beatdown route by putting all the things on some backup efficient creatures that go for the enemy life totals.

Of course, being equipments the main offensive weapons, we have a pretty consistent way of cheating equip costs, such as sigarda's aid, puresteel paladin, stoneforge mystic, stonehewer giant, hammer of nazahn, armored automaton, balan and nahiri.

Since we play edh, we know that, other than card draw, we need some sort of tutoring and graveyard recursion, the latter being not so easy in mono white. We have a decent package for both of those tasks.

When it comes to removal, admittedly the deck lacks some mass disruption. Instead, we are well covered regarding targeted permanent removal of different forms (destroy, exile, pacifism effects), but we don't interact with opponents graveyards. Due to this, the deck is more tuned for 1v1, even though it can handle 2 opponents thanks to the massive card advantage that it's able to generate with a good start. If more, we need to change plans,be quite and fly under the radars at first.

Last but not least, the mana-base is pretty simple, mostly basics. We run emeria and buried ruin for recursion, secluded steppe and drifting meadow for the desperate draw late game and very few artifact ramp in the form of sol ring, mind stone (for the draw late game) and cultivator's caravan because of its versatility (ramp, cantrip, attack/block).

I don't own the swords, so in the paper version they are replaced by a couple of other things.


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