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Sram, a Greedy Equipped Motherf**ker - EDH Voltron

Commander / EDH


Do you think that mono white decks are not the best for card draw in edh? Well, one little greedy motherfucker named Sram is here to prove you are wrong. His ability to draw a card every time you cast an Aura, Equipment or Veichle spell is just hilarious, and if you combine that with the amazing support for equipment that white offers, in the way of tutor, recursion and cost reduction, you can overperform in card advantage and completely wreck your opponents. Start with cheap 0 and 1 mana equipments, gain all the advantage of many early drops combined with an hand full of cards, and then go totally heavy with Darksteel Plate, Argentum Armor and other costly but awesome piece of smashing-face equipment. Rejoice happily and laugh wickedly when you use cards like Brass Squire and Auriok Windwalker to cheat on equipment cost. There are two main ways to win for this deck: the first is the very reliable voltron approach, which comes just handy given the amount of equipments we can put on to the battlefield, also supported by some auras that grant the needed extra protection for our commander (indestructible and protection from all colors). Equipments can give us amazing evasion and damage boost, so we can totally go the voltron way, but there is another way to win, that is to boost creatures like Balan, Wandering Knight or Kemba, Kha Regent and win thanks to simple combat damage, in case we can't count on Sram any more. And what if our precious and shiny artifacts all go away due to a freakin' boardwhipe or similar things? Well, we can recur our equipments (and auras if we need) out of hell and put them back on the battlefield in a second, ready to kick some previously-satisfied-of-his-boardwhipe player's damn ass ( Sun Titan and his little recourring friend will make that player unsatisfied with his life while he's trying to shut you down). Obviously we want some ramp, even if the amazing card draw provided by Sram can grant us one land drop for turn, and there is some in the form of equipment ( Sword of the Animist, Explorer's Scope ), in the form of mana rocks like Sol Ring or Thought Vessel (important to take advantage of the great number of cards we draw, like Reliquary Tower ) and in the form of mana cost reducers ( Foundry Inspector , Danitha Capashen, Paragon ).


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