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Squidward's Horrorble Drawings

Modern* Aggro Budget Casual Mono-Blue


v. 1.4
A spell and draw-based aggro deck.

Instant speed Opt; and sorcery speed Serum Visions and See Beyond, draw for card advantage and add counters to Chasm Skulker. These spells also quickly remove counters from Thing in the Ice  Flip, while also providing card and maintaining board advantage.

Thing is a great early game blocker and flips to Awoken Horror- the first win condition- and comes with it's own board wipe, removing all nonhorror creatures.

Chasm Skulker is a Horror; and comes with a backup go-wide wincon in the form of Squid tokens, should it die.

Run early-game disruption for faster removal of Thing counters through the hard counters: Remand, Deprive; and bounces: Unsummon, and Vapor Snag.

Delver of Secrets  Flip is a one-cost to give some evasion skyward, and works well with Halimar Depths and Serum Visions.

Trade Routes + Halimar Depths tastes like Sensei's Divining Top, but costs 1 more. This works well after 5 land.

Elixir of Immortality is a new addition to the deck to recycle draw and control resources while gaining life.

Suggestions and comments encouraged and appreciated!



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Took out Wharf Infiltrator. It's type and draw ability seems good for the deck, but a cost of 2 to cast and 2 to use its token ability, it's just too slow. Went back to the original build. Still looking to put in more creatures with draw if possible (Salvage Drone?)

Any and all advice is welcome, thanks for the uovotes and continued support!


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