Really fun to play deck. Experimenting with Snake Basket right now.

Its getting to that point where its really difficult to make cuts for other cards. I need to make sure that I'm supporting the 3 major archetypes:

Discard, Sacrifice, Tokens.

These themes are built to feed off of each other. There are some good multi purpose cards in the list that act as outlets for multiple mechanics. I wanted to list out all the little pockets of synergy in here, but its kind of overwhelming to get into all of the discovered interactions.

Here are a few synergies that I like:

  • Stuffy Doll/Mogg Maniac, turn our board wipes into potentially lethal damage.
  • Hissing Iguanar/Outpost Siege, we will destroy our own creatures and we will like it.
  • Goblin Engineer/Goblin Welder/Daretti & Sword of the Meek, a recursion engine for high value artifacts.
  • Heat Stroke/Meekstone, don't play buffs just durdle and make 1/1 and 2/2 creatures the new practical body.
  • Ib Halfheart/Keldon Firebombers & Crucible of Worlds, we can discard lands or sacrifice them for added value.

Enjoy finding the rest.


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